A Royal Love Story

By  Nidhi
Published on   Apr 12, 2022

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You are Ariana, and you run a school for under-privileged children. You are getting late for work.

Start To Test

God! I am so late for work... My students must be waiting for me!

I need to hurry up!!

Ugh! This traffic is horrible! And look at that crazy Ferrari.... cutting through the lines like an entitled prick!

OH MY GOD! It's about to crash into me!!

Hey lady! I am so sorry... I'm not really used to driving on the public street.

Are you okay?

Oh of course I am fine! Why would a Ferrari crashing into me cause me any harm?!

Continue arguing with him.
Ignore him and be on your way.

You must think the world revolves around you, right? And that the rest of us are just here to please you!

Let it be.

(You try starting your engine, but it won't work.)


I think no such thing, but I am really sorry for what I have caused. Please give me a chance to redeem myself.

May I give you a lift?

Hey I am really sorry. Considering your car won't start, the least I can do is drop you.


(You get inside his Ferrari and he starts driving away.)

To Kind Hearts School for the Underprivileged, please.

Wait a minute! You're still a student?

You look young, but not THAT young!!

WOW! You are really a piece of work, aren't you?

First you ruin my car, next you make stupid assumptions about me!

Hey I didn't mean to offend you. I just wanna have a conversation. Please?

You decide:

To talk to him calmly.
Keep fighting with him.

Okay, we may have a conversation. To clear it out, no, I am not a student.

I teach at the school.

NO! I refuse to have a conversation with someone so full of themselves.

Ah! There we go... I am Henry. So nice to meet you.

I feel terrible for everything that's happened, and I am sincerely sorry.

Ouch! That hurts to hear. Maybe you're just in a very bad mood right now. I will stay silent.

It's okay! Don't worry about it. Nice to meet you too.

Yes! You better. First thing you've said so far that actually makes sense...

Alright here we are! It was a pleasure to meet you Miss....?

(A student crosses the car and greets you.)

'Good morning, Principal Ariana.'

WHAT? Principal?

Yes, Principal. This is my school. Surprised.... or shocked?

Surprised, definitely. But not shocked. I knew from the moment I saw you, you were incredibly successful!

Haha! Nice one.... but..... Anyways, I have to go now. Bye!

(You get out of the car and walk inside the building.)

(The next day, you are in a classroom, teaching.)

Okay class, so who here knows the quadratic formula-

(There's a knock on the door and you see it's Henry.)

Talk to him.
Gesture him to leave.

(You walk over to him and whisper.)

What are you doing here? I am taking a class!

(You wave your hand away, telling him to go away, which he does.)

Okay class, so where were we.... the quadratic formula right....

I know. I know. I just had to talk to you about something. Can we talk somewhere in private, please?

(After the class ends, you get out of the classroom and find Henry waiting outside.)

Oh Gosh! You cannot be defeated, can you?

Ugh! You're impossible! Okay, let's go...

Class, please silently read ahead.

(You take Henry to your office.)

Okay, what is it that couldn't wait till the end of my class?!

Nope, that's near impossible to do. Now I will not take another no for answer, you have to speak to me!

Let's go someplace private, please! It's important!

Now, yesterday after dropping you off, I did some research....

I know your school needs...... resources. And I can help you out with that, as a way of making it up to you.

Any resources are always welcome. But I have to ask, what do you do for a living, and why would you come all this way to help me?

I'm, uh... I have inherited a certain amount of money.... recently, and um, I just feel terrible about the accident. And I really like you. It's amazing what you're doing for these kids. I wanna help you.

(You agree and he writes you a fat cheque immediately.)

(A week passes and Henry orders the school’s renovation.)

I just assumed you were a typical rich guy, arrogant like the royal family. They did not care when I failed to pay the tax five years ago and the government took away the school’s property. But you're different from them.

Actually, there has been something I wanted to tell you.... I am not that different. I am..... the new Prince.

That day I met you, I was exploring the city and then I fell in love with you. First it was your sassy attitude, but soon enough I saw your kind heart.... Can you accept me, even though I am a royal?

You decide:

To accept him.
To reject him.
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