Be Rapunzel In Tangled

By  Nidhi
Published on   Apr 05, 2022

Test instructions:

You are Rapunzel. You live in a tower in the middle of the jungle with Mother Gothel, your mother and guardian.

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Mother Gothel, can we go see the glowing lanterns in the kingdom this time?

No, my dear. The kingdom is a dangerous place where you can be harmed. Not this time. I will go and bring some new paint for you!

I wish someday I will get to see those beautiful lights that I dream of seeing everyday.

(Suddenly there is a noise coming from your closet. You open it to see a man.)

I'm Flynn Rider, ma'am. Uh-

You ask:

What are you doing here?
Get out or I will scream.

I, uh, I

(A crown falls from his pocket.)

Lady, we are in the middle of the forest, no one will hear you!

Are you a thief?! I will inform the king right away!

Just hear me out first.

My life is in danger. Please help me, in return I will do anything.

Stabbington Brothers, my accomplices in.... crime, they want me dead!

I can't believe I am negotiating with a thief..... but I have always wanted to see the lights in the kingdom.

But you must leave the crown here.

(You and Flynn leave for the kingdom. After traveling for a while you stop at the Snuggly Duckling Pub.)

I think those thugs are after you... Let me talk to them.

Um, hello sir.... can you help us two poor adventurers out....

(You slowly start charming the thugs.)

Wow, you really changed them...

(As royal guards arrive to arrest Flynn, the thugs help the two of you escape. Both of you get locked in a fast-flooding cave.)

Talk to Flynn.
Stay silent.

Woah! Your hair is glowing.

Wow! Your hair is glowing..

Yes, it is magical. My hair has healing powers.

(You sit there silently, ignoring him.)

Well, if you must know, my name isn't Flynn Rider either. It's Eugene Fitzherbert.

And your hair doesn't just have healing powers, it is working well to light up the dark too.

Look I see an exit there.

(The two of you escape.)

Believe it or not, your hair is helping... I can see a second exit!

(The two of you escape from the cave.)

(You two wait in the woods. Mother Gothel finds you there.)

I had a feeling you would try something, so mid way through my journey I went back to the tower to check on you.

I don't blame you my child. This is the age to get distracted so easily...

Here, I brought it from our tower.

(She gives you the crown.)

Test his loyalty.

(You and Flynn reach the kingdom and find the people celebrating in the market place.)

What are they dancing for?

In honor of the 'lost princess'.

(You and Flynn dance together. Then he takes you out on a boat so that you can see the lights clearly.)

Isn't this a marvelous view? And.... I don't just mean the lights.

(Both of you smile at each other and release the lanterns.)

Thanks for bringing me here. You can have the crown.

(He bends to kiss you.)

Kiss him back.
Push him away.

(You press your lips against his and give him a tender kiss. His lips move in passion.)

I.... I think I love you, Rapunzel.

What are you doing?! Have you lost your mind-

I love you too..

(You suddenly spot some people on the shore nearby.)

I... I think they are...

I thought you...

Never mind. I am sorry.

What are they doing-

(You see him staring at some people on the shore.)

Stabbington Brothers! Don't worry, I don't want the crown anymore. I want you.

I will go and apologize to them.

I think they are..... the Stabbington Brothers.

I'll go and talk to them.

(You stand at a distance as Flynn talks to the Stabbington Brothers. Suddenly someone grabs your shoulder, you turn around to see it's Mother Gothel.)

Mother? What are you doing-

I was worried about you. And with good reason too! Look...

Your Flynn is running away!

(You see Flynn going away on a boat, and the Stabbington Brothers coming to attack you.)

Don't worry my child, Mother will protect you!

(Mother Gothel takes you back to the tower.)

Mother Gothel was right. These kingdom folks are evil. I will just go back to my life here in the tower with my painting-

(You suddenly notice you had drawn the kingdom's flag into your drawings all your life.)

How can that be?!

What if.... Oh no, it all makes sense now! Maybe.... I am.... the lost princess!

(You confront Mother Gothel. But as soon as you tell her what you think, she binds your hands and legs and gags you.)

(Flynn climbs up the tower.)

What is going on here?

(He runs to help you but Mother Gothel fatally stabs him.)

Rapunzel, she is not who you think she is...

Believe in Flynn.
Go away with Mother Gothel.
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