Twin Trouble

By  Beanners
Published on   17, 2022

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Frances is the new girl, dating the Senior of your dreams! Tonight you're finally meeting his parents. It's time to make a great first impression.

Start To Test

Your final class for the day is finally over. Everyone else has left the classroom besides you.

'I wonder what Timmy's parents are like. It's finally time to introduce myself.'

'Where is Timmy?'

You decide to wait on the hallway for your boyfriend who seem to be running late.

'We were supposed to head to their house together too..We're running late. I wanna make a good first impression.'

Looking behind you, Aiden is leaning on a pillar. He is your boyfriend's younger brother

'You're still here too, dummy. I'll tell my parents you'll be late then, they definitely won't like it.'

Aiden walks away from you, t's starting to get dark too.

'...Wait! Aiden! I...'

'...What? You wanna walk home with me?' Aiden asks.

Yeah, Im running late.
Nah, nevermind.

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