Twin Trouble

By  Beanners
Published on   Mar 17, 2022

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Test instructions:

Frances is the new girl, dating the Senior of your dreams! Tonight you're finally meeting his parents. It's time to make a great first impression.

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Your final class for the day is finally over. Everyone else has left the classroom besides you.

'I wonder what Timmy's parents are like. It's finally time to introduce myself.'

'Where is Timmy?'

You decide to wait on the hallway for your boyfriend who seem to be running late.

'We were supposed to head to their house together too..We're running late. I wanna make a good first impression.'

Looking behind you, Aiden is leaning on a pillar. He is your boyfriend's younger brother

'You're still here too, dummy. I'll tell my parents you'll be late then, they definitely won't like it.'

Aiden walks away from you, t's starting to get dark too.

'...Wait! Aiden! I...'

'...What? You wanna walk home with me?' Aiden asks.

Yeah, Im running late.
Nah, nevermind.

'Are you sure it's okay to leave Timmy behind? He might be waiting..' You ask.

'He'll be fine, probably making out with some other chick right now.'

You decide to head back inside the classroom. The sun is all the way down now, the room is dark.

'I'm definitely going to be late if I don't go soon. I should've just walked with Aiden.'

'What's that supposed to mean?'

'It's nothing, I mean..he's probably home by now, left you behind.' Aiden says.

Walking ahead after he stares at you softly, for a moment you realized;Aiden's kinda cute.

After 30 minutes of waiting for Timmy, you decide to leave the school and walk to their house.

'I can't believe Timmy stood me up. Now his parents will hate me for being late and poor.'

You arrive at the Khim residence just in time for dinner. It seemed like they were waiting for you.

'Finally! You're here, we thought you would never arrive.' she frowns at you blatantly.

'You're not making quite a good first impression, young lady.'

'She was waiting for Timmy, they were supposed to walk home together.' Aiden says.

Mr. Khim frowns, clearly very mad while looking at you.

'You should stop defending liars like her Aiden. Timmy's been home since two hours ago. He said this girl didn't want to go with him.'

'Don't talk to her that way mom, she's telling the truth. If you want, we can go look for Timmy..'

'Well, whatever. Sit and let's have dinner now.' Mrs. Khim says.

Stay for dinner
Look for Timmy

'It's fine Aiden. I'm sure he'll tell them the truth when he comes back.'

You sit on the table to start eating. It's quiet and awkward, it's obvious that his parents do not like you.

'You're saying my son lied?' Mrs. Khim says.

You walk towards the living room, about to leave the house to look for Timmy, Aiden behind you.

'I'm really sorry for dragging you into this situation too.'

'I'm not saying that at all..' You feel tears starting to sting your eyes.

'Mom will you stop it? You're being mean to her just because she's poor. It's unfair.' Aiden says.

'Are you really not going to sit down and have dinner before both of you trail off to look for Timmy?'

'You're lucky you even got to step in this house.'

Your tears finally fall and you stand up from the table. As you were about to leave, Aiden grabbed your hand.

'Let's go together, this place sucks anyway.' Aiden says.

'No dad, I don't want to sit on the same table if you're just gonna keep insulting Frances because you think she's poor.'

Aiden wraps his hand around yours and pulls you towards him slightly. You both turn around to start looking when suddenly..

Timmy finally arrives, he has a wide smile on his face.

'Gotchu! It's a funny prank isn't it? Aiden you should've just made her wait longer, that would've been funnier.'

'Yeah, get over yourself Frances, you really think Timmy was taking you seriously?'

''who is she Timmy? What's going on.' you ask.

'She's my real girlfriend, Pauline. Dating you was just a bet we made, it wasn't serious at all. I was just playing with you.' he laughs at you loudly.

'YOU BASTARD! How could you do this to Frances!!'

'You can't do anything about it now Aiden, the joke is done.' Timmy laughs.

After Timmy's big revelation, you feel hurt. He was just playing with your feelings all along.

'I cared about you deeply could you do this to me just for your entertainment??'

Slap him across the face
Run out of the house

Enraged, you slap Timmy across the face with all of the force in your body. The slap making a loud sound as it hits Timmy's skin.


Devastated, you turn around and run out of the house. You sit on the sidewalk near the bushes.

'FRANCES WAIT!' he chases after you.


'I told you he wasn't worth your time but you wouldn't listen to me. How could you not see that he was just playing with you?'

You turn around and run out of the house. You sit on the sidewalk near the bushes.

'FRANCES WAIT!' he chases after you.


'Are you happy now Aiden?? This is what you wanted right?! For me and your brother to break up?'

He moves closer to you, sitting beside you on the ground. Then he wraps you in a tight hug.

'No..I'm not happy, Frances. Not when I know you're sad like this.'

''Look, I'm not really in the right position to receive your jokes right now Aiden..'


Surprised, you quiet down and look at Aiden, He holds your cheek and he kisses you passionately.

'I'm not joking, unlike my brother..I actually like you. Always have, much longer than he did.'

'If you give me a chance, I promise you I will protect and love you in all of the ways that my brother couldn' will you be my girlfriend?'

No, Im still recovering.
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