A Majestic Kiss

By  Beanners
Published on   Mar 17, 2022

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Test instructions:

You are Abigail, a sophomore in college at a premier Ivy League college. Your last class just finished so now you're sitting in a pub with a drink in hand.

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'Whew, what an exhausting day..I'm glad I could relax and unwind for a while tonight since it's a Friday..'

Your phone rings loudly. Looking at the screen it says Benedict but you dont answer.

'UGH! I'm gonna break up with him tomorrow..I need to figure this out..'

'Are you okay there miss? You seem to be very troubled..'

You look beside you and there's a handsome man, smiling but also looking worriedly at you.

'I think you should stop drinking already..you might've had too much.'

'Well I think you should just mind your own business there, buddy..'

You down a couple more shots, even stealing his glass and drinking the vodka inside. You feel your throat burn at the sensation but you only shake your head.

'I'm breaking up with a cheater..'

The man beside you laughs and gives you his other full glass of alcohol.

'That sounds like a tough time indeed, your drinking is justified then..'

The man pats your back slowly in soft circles, making your skin tingle.

'..You dont know who I am, right?'

Am I supposed to know who you are?
You do seem familiar..

You move closer to him, your faces just inches away from each other. You can smell his scent, like berries.

'To me you're just someone who can't mind your own business.'

'Too bad..you're my business now.' he says.

He raises a brow and brings his face a bit closer to yours.

'Oh? Where do you think we've seen each other before then?' he asks.

'Now that you mention it..yeah, I just can't remember right now. It's on the tip of my tongue..'

'You make me curious now though..are you someone important?' You ask.

'No no, not at all..I'm just nobody. I could be someone for you though.'

He raises the glass closer to your lips and watches you intently as your lips purse over the glass. His eyes clouded with desire.

'On the tip of your tongue eh, would you like me to help you remember, pretty missy?'

'Well, well...If you insist.' you laugh. 'I don't kiss strangers though, I'm not that kind of girl.' you say.

'Frederick, nice to meet you.'

Suddenly he moves, making you lose your balance. The cup tips and spills the alcohol on you.

'SHIT! I'm sorry..'

'..It's fine, you just have to pay for it.'


You pull his head forward and your lips meet his in a very heated kiss.

The night before fades into a blur and after a blink, you open your eyes. It is morning and you have a pounding headache.

Memories of the man from before begin to flash one by one, your bite your lip. Remembering the feeling of his lips on yours.

'I hope I see him again..'

You open the morning paper. Eyes widening, on the front page is you and the man from last night, kissing.
The headline is in bold letters, 'PRINCE SEEN KISSING A COMMON WOMAN! Is this a hidden romance?'


Oh no, now everyone's gonna know I kissed a prince...BENEDICT! Benedict's gonna think I cheated!'

Your phone starts to ring loudly, looking at the screen, it says Benedict. Once the ringing stops, you see that your inbox is also full of crazed texts from him.

'I need to...'

Find Frederick
Find Benedict

You arrive at the campus once more, people staring at you from every direction. Girls start walking up to you, angry and jealous, calling you a slut.

'Leave me alone! I didn't know he was a prince-'

'What's going on over there?' Frederick arrives.

'Frederick!, you should go!'

The moment you arrive at campus, Benedict is already waiting for you.

'I have been looking everywhere for you! And you called me a cheater??'

'Let me explain!' you plead.

'You can explain once I'm through with you baby. COME HERE AND LET ME TEACH YOU A LESSON!'

'No..we should go.'

'Wait! What do you mean-'

Frederick takes your hand and runs in full sprint away from the crowd, until you arrive at the library.

'Come here, this is my secret spot..no one will find us here.'


You run away in fear as you see Benedict charge at you from the hallway. You enter the library to hide but you bump into Frederick instead.

'What's gotten you in such a rush, Abby?'

'Benedict is chasing me! You need to hide or he'll hurt you too.' you say.

'I'm sorry I got you into this mess..Now my toxic boyfriend is hunting me down and you might get hurt.'

'It's not your fault..it's honestly all mine. I should've been careful.'

'Do you regret kissing me?'

'No, yesterday, you're the best thing that happened to me.' he says.

'He can't hurt you when you're with me. I promise you that. I'm sorry I got you into this mess.'

'I apologize..It was also my fault. Do you regret kissing me?'

The only thing I regret is not taking you then and there.' He pulls you close.

'You can't hide from me, Abigail! I see you and your sneaky Prince Charming!

Benedict enters the library, heading straight towards where you were standing behind Frederick.

'If you take another step, you'll regret it.' Frederick says.

'Go away. Even though you're a prince I'll still hit you.'

'Oh yeah? I'd like to see you try then, punk.'

'Not even worth it, Just keep me the girl.' says Benedict.

Benedict grips your arm tightly and tries to pull you away from Frederick, but he catches your hand just in time and holds it tight.

'Try me.'


Benedict swings his arm towards Frederick's face, hitting him on the jaw. The prince traps you between his back and the bookshelf to keep you safe. Frederick steps forward then kicks Benedict right between the legs. He doubles over in pain and falls on hardwood.

Benedict is doubled over on the ground, groaning in pain. Frederick takes a shaky step backwards and hits the bookshelf behind him with a loud thud. You see a bruise on his jaw.

'Abby...I;m getting dizzy..' Frederick says.

'Abigail..help me please, im sorry.' groans Benedict.

Who will you help?

Help Frederick
Help Benedict

You approach the Prince and help him keep walking steady, wrapping his arm around your waist.

'I think that bastard broke my jaw..'

'I'm surprised you're still able to talk then. You should keep your mouth still for now.' you say.

'Actually, I think youre the best medicine.'

Benedicts groaning gets louder as you help him stand up from the ground. Meanwhile, Frederick finally loses balance and hits the shelves as he hits the floor with a thud.

'I'm sorry Frederick..Benedict is still much more important for me. I need to help him.'

Benedict smiles triumphantly.

'You're still so sweet even though you're injured..'

The both of you begin to slowly leave the back of the library, leaving Benedict still groaning in pain on the floor.

'If you would've let me explain, this wouldnt have happened to you Benedict.'

'Abby wait! I thought you were going to break up with him..'

'I was but..I realized that I was the one who was wrong. I shouldn't have kissed you that night. It was a mistake.' you say.

'Meeting you was not a mistake..I care about you..I like you.'

'Ooh, fesity too. I like that about you now.'

'I'm..not done with you yet Abigail! You and your silly Prince Charming won't get to have a happy ending!' Benedict groans.

Oh boo-hoo, I think we both know I already won..'

Frederick turns to you and gives you a deep kiss.

You stop for a moment, your eyes filling up with tears as you look at Frederick slumped on the ground.

'I have to....I don't want to hurt you. But if it's to keep you safe, then I'll do it for you.'

The events of the morning has passed, it is now lunch time. Benedict is at the Dean's Office, taken by the guards that keep Frederick safe.

You and Frederick wait for your turn to be interviewed in the cafeteria.

'Hey...' he slowly wraps his hand around yours.

'I know it might seem so sudden..everything that's happening right now..'

'You really think so?' you ask.

'Look, I'm really sorry about this whole mess.. but I don't think I can leave without telling you how I really feel.'
Abigail: 'What do you mean?'

'Well...I wanna marry you.'

'Wait..what did you just ask me?'

'Meeting you was literally love at first sight, I really care about you! I want to always keep you safe, give you a good life, give you kisses..Please, let me cherish you.'

'When all of this is over..I want you to be with me, and live with me. We have the rest of our lives to get to know each other. To grow through adventures together. That one majestic kiss is all I needed, to know that you're perfect for me.'

Will you accept Frederick's proposal?

Yes! A million times over.
No, I think youre going too fast..
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