A Detective's Confession

By  Selina
Published on   Mar 16, 2022

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You've been a detective for a while, working in the 54th Precinct.

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You grumble under your breath as you make your way into your precinct.

You are about to take your seat when Shanna, Captain Rem's secretary, hands you an envelope.

The Captain said I should give this to you before he traveled.

You open the file and see a new case about an illegal drug operation on Thomas Avenue.

Your eyes almost bulge out of their sockets when you see who you'll work with.

It is John. You have never worked a case together.

You decide to:

Find out if it is a prank
Burst into laughter

You march towards John's desk briskly.

'Is this one of your pranks again, John?'

'What do you mean?'

'Do you really expect me to believe Captain wants us to work together?'

'Yes, he does. I got the same case file too.'

You try to cover your mouth as you laugh.

You decide to tell John.

'Hello, Evelyn. Can I ask what is so funny?'

'I find it hard to believe that we would really work together.'

'I don't think we have so much choice here. It is the Captain's order.'

'You are serious!'

'We have never worked a case together, but it is time to put our differences asides.'

'I have been doing my research and could give you a briefing once we head to my car.'

I should...

Go with him
Take your own car

Still in shock, you nod your head and follow John.

'You can go. I will take my car.'

You walk to the parking lot and remember that your car had refused to start this morning.

'Are you sure you don't need a ride?'

You look to your left and see John standing right beside you.

'I forgot my car was taken for repairs, so I would like a ride.'

You get to Thomas Avenue and wait for hours.

'Are you sure your informant was right about this place?'

'My informant has never been wrong. Wee probably have to do an overnight stakeout.'

'Don't worry, I don't bite, so try and get comfortable.'

'While we wait, we should get to know each other better.'

'Rivals never work on the same case, dumdum.'

'So what do you say?'

Open up
Remain guarded

You decide to give him a chance.

John seems to see your struggle and starts talking.

During the conversation, you discover that you both have a lot in common.

I didn't realize it was dark already, and still no sign of the drugs yet.

'There must be a delay somewhere. I should talk to my informant.'

John goes and returns a few seconds later.

'My informant said they have no choice but to make their first drop at their warehouse here.'

'Since we will be camped here overnight, I think we should eat.'

You walk towards a food truck, and you make your order:

A double cheeseburger and a diet coke
Fish tacos and water

You catch John smiling at you as you take your order and discover that you like his smile.

You walk around while John tells you funny stories.

You go back and go to sleep first while John stays awake to watch for the shipment.

You wake up to your arms wrapped around a sleeping John.

You find your heart racing as you realize how handsome John is. You:

Continue to admire him
Try to untangle yourself from him

John slowly starts to stir.

'Good morning.'

'Morning, thanks for letting me sleep in.'

'My pleasure. We better head home now, freshen up and then come back.'

John insists on taking you home and walking you to your front door.

Why does this almost feel like a date, and why am I suddenly nervous?

'I will call you if I hear anything.'

You both stand at your front door like two awkward teenagers, and he leans for a hug.

Hug him back
Let him hug you

John is shocked when you hug him back.

You hold your breath as you walk inside.

You blush when John hugs you and steps away.

You spend your time showering and thinking about John.

You got a call from John shortly requesting your presence as the shipment had arrived.

Keep your heart in check, Evelyn.

You take an uber to the precinct and go with the back up to Thomas avenue.

You brief the team before you all go in together.

None of you expected the next few minutes as you are ambushed by the criminals.

You are trying to take cover and you see John's body flying to take a bullet for you.

You immediately call for backup, and soon enough, the criminals are apprehended.

'Why did you do that for me?'

'I have always liked you. I never worked with as I was scared of something like this happening.'

'I don't think when I am with you. But I want to be your partner in fighting crime and for life.'

You watch John clutch his injured side in pain.

I don't know if I can watch someone I like to get shot, but I can't deny my attraction.

Ill think about it
I cannot do this
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