Haunted Final-Chapter

By  Mohsinat
Published on   14, 2022

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You are a vampire hunter. All your life you've believed they are monsters and dedicated yourself into eliminating their existence from this world. You were steadfast in your belief, until...

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I'm Cara, I appreciate you helping me.

I should have known better than to leave them unsupervised. They were rowdy, but I was trying to help them. It's really such a shame I had to end them.

Wait, what are you talking about? They're monsters. The world is safer with them gone. Trust me.

Raphael looked at his fallen victims with remorse before turning baack around and smiling at you.

At least I managed to save you. I'm not completely useless.

Just then you start to remember something before you got taken.

Wait! Raphael? You're the one they were talking about. They said they had to run before you got there. Did you know them someow?

Raphael sighed and looked won.

Yes, I was teaching them a better way to live. So they don't have to be evil. They don't have to hurt anyone. They don't have to succumb to the curse that is vampirism.

Your eyes widen in shock.

You're a vampire!

Since the day I was born.

Look I know you’re going to hate me no matter what I say or do, simply because of what I am. But I promise I would never hurt anyone. I’ll leave you alone if that what you want, but not before I drop you at a hospital.

I’m…just…wow. I didn’t know vampires could be this…normal.

Raphael looks sadly at the pile of dead bodies. You start to feel bad for him, against your better judgment.

How were you planning on changing them?

Well, first we have to tackle their craving. Blood is the number one thing we crave. It’s in our nature. So we have to practice extreme discipline until the urge becomes less prominent. Then You have to supplement human blood for animal blood. The only difference is the taste really, it still satisfies our needs. And there are many many more steps to my approach but…we’d be here all day. I could talk about this for hours, haha.

And you’ve…you’ve taken all these steps? You’ve become a changed vampire? You don’t feed on human blood? Ever?

I haven’t in about 800 years, give or take.

Woah, that’s a long time.

I know, too long it feels like.

Wait, you can read my thoughts?

Oh yeah, sorry if that makes you uncomfortable…

Can you hear all my thoughts? All the time?

Raphael smirks down at you playfully.

You mean did I hear you checking me out in your mind? Why yes, yes I did. Very descriptive, you should be a writer.

Your face burns red in embarrassment.


So have you been successful with any other vampires?

Yes, I’ve turned about 200 of us into better beings. The amount of human deaths at our hands is drastically dwindling. But still, I can’t save everyone…

You try to adjust your head but wince in pain as the wounds on your neck sting painfully.

Don’t try to move, you may reopen your wounds. Here let me…

Raphael comes over to you and makes a small cut on his wrist. Then he takes some of the blood and wipes it on my wounds.

A feeling of ecstasy washes over you as the wounds become numb and tingly.

What was that?

My blood has healing properties, Your wounds should be healed in a few minutes.

Raphael doesn’t back away and instead moves closer to you. At first, you’re scared, and he stops moving when he notices. But then you realize you trust him, for some unknown reason. He’s doing good in the world and he’s trying to be better, just like you.

You cave and he continues moving closer once he realizes your thoughts.

He gets so close your foreheads are touching and you can feel the pounding of your heartbeat in your chest. His breath mingles with yours as your lips slowly touch.

Slow and sensual at first, the kiss turns to lustful and passionate. His hands are in your hair and yours are gripping the collar of his blood-stained shirt.

A yell interrupts the moment.

Hey! What’s going on here?

Miles, this is Raphael. He saved my life.

Funny, I don’t remember her paying me back like that when I saved her life. Twice.

Well maybe you just aren’t her type.

Raphael stands up and walks up to Miles, arms crossed.

Get away from me ghost freak.

Raphael hisses at him, showing his fangs, at the insult to his vampire skin.

Cara, he’s a vampire!

I know Miles, but it’s okay. He’s good.

Miles looks at you incredulously.

He’s good? He’s a monster, Cara! You kissed him knowing what he was? You’re disgusting!

Come on Cara, let's go.

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Stay with Raphael

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