By  Mohsinat
Published on   12, 2022

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You are a vampire hunter. All your life you've believed they are monsters and dedicated yourself into eliminating their existence from this world. You were steadfast in your belief, until...

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You slice through the vampire's neck like you've done a million times before.

The familiar feeling of blood splateering across your face leaves you breathless. This is the kind of rush you can't find anywhere else but in the simple act of murdering vicious monsters.

You smile in victory as you kick the now-decapitated vampire to the ground and turn to leave the warehouse.

Well That fun.

You sigh in satisfaction and lean your head back on the headrest, content with your work.

Well, hello there.

You jump before turning around to find a man in your backseat.

Agh! Who the hell are you?

Now, now, is that any way to treat your knight in shining armor?

What are you talking about?

Well those vamps you killed in there weren't the only ones here. There were 20 of them over in that other building. They were headed for you to protect the higher-ups you were slicing. But I killed them all before they got to you.

Oh wow, you are such a hero.

You're telling me you could've taken all those vamps? All by yourself?

Doubt much? Maybe I'm just beter than you.

Haha, yeah, I seriously do doubt that.

Wait do you know who I am?

Some dickhead who broke intro my car and clearly thinks he is better than everyone else?

Now, I've been described by a lot of people. But that...well that one's a first.

What can I say? I'm a leader, not a follower.

I'm Miles.

I'm Cara...wait. Miles? As in Miles Stone? The Hunter?

Miles smirks and leans his head back.

I mean, if the shoe fits.

Wow! You're like my whole inspiration for becoming a hunter! Can I get your autograph?


Haha! No way! Now get out of my car before I-

Wait just a minute. I helped you out. I heard there was a nest down here so I came to check it out. But then I saw you and decided to pitch in.

Why didn't you talk to me before instead of just breaking into my car and scaring the shit out of me?

Well, this seemed like the most amusing option.

Glad I amuse you.

Miles smirks as he looks you up and down.

So listen, I heard fof a few more nests nearby here. I was gonna go check them out. I'm assuming you were gonna do the same? Wanna work together?

I prefer working alone. Less complicated.

Well, sometimes, complicated can be fun.

Let him work with you for the next few cases.
Hold firm and turn him down.

Wait a moment, your result is coming soon