Romancing With My Neighborhood

By  Selina
Published on   09, 2022

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You are Lilith. You wake up to a wonderfully bright morning, and you are running late for work.

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In your rush, you didn’t notice that your apartment keys fell out of your open bag.

When you were almost at the stairway, you heard a deep, appealing voice call your name from behind you.

Your eyes widen at the sight of Damian, your mysterious, handsome neighbor.

“Yes? Is there something wrong?”

“You dropped these.” He shows you the keys.

“Oh! Thank you.” You take it from his hand.

Before you can pull away, he wraps his fingers around your hand.

“You’re welcome.” He gives you a small warm smile.

“I’m running very, very late for work. I’ll definitely miss the bus.”

“Look at the time. It’s already thirty minutes past 8. Come with me.”

“Oh, I…”

“I can handle going to work on my own.”
“Uhm, sure!”

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