Make A Tough Choice! If You Were Hermione, How Would You Choose Your Prom Partner?

By  Selina
Published on   Mar 08, 2022

Test instructions:

You're Hermione at Hogwarts, going through your day like any other.

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You are sitting in the Great Hall, your eyes searching for HIM.

You act like you listen to what Harry is telling by nodding.

And here he comes… The one, who makes your heart dance like crazy…

You hope that you’ll have the chance to go with him to the Yule Ball...

'The One' is Ron
'The One' is Draco

This ginger head guy, not so smart but very kind, makes you feel happy.

You don’t even remember at what point you knew there is more than friendship.

As the Yule Ball is near, you want to be there with him.

Ask him if he's already going with someone
Ask him to the Ball yourself

This blond guy, smart and evil, makes you feel both afraid and excited.

You don’t even know how the guy, who you thought is useless, is your biggest crush now.

As the Yule Ball is near, you want to be there with him, however, it is risky as you are from different houses.

Be brave and ask him
Ask Moaning Myrtle about Draco
Wait for him to say 'Mudblood'

'You’ve invited someone to the Yule Ball?'

'Yes, I am going there with Padma Patil. And you?'

Make him change his mind
Make Padma change her mind
Tell him you're already invited and you don't care for him

You got inside the toilet and saw Myrtle crying.

“What do you need?” she asked, when saw you.

“Do you know if Draco Malfoy invited anyone to the Yule Ball?…”

“Of course I do.”

Ask who it is
Ask not to tell anyone about your question and leave in tears

'Please, do not tell to anyone about my question..'

“I will try if you will help me out throughout this year, when I am in need of something,” she answered.

“Sure,” you answered and left the toilet with teary eyes.

As you were walking fast, you bumped into Pansy Parkinson.

Insult her
Step on her feet 'accidentally'
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