Be Elena In Vampire Diaries

By  Selina
Published on   07, 2022

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You are Elena Gilbert, and you go to Mystic Falls High School.

Start To Test

'Hi Elena! Did you meet the new guy, Stefan? He’s so hot!'

'Oh, Bonnie, is he? I’ll be the judge of that.'

You run into him in the school corridor and you're unable to look away.

'Hi, I’m Stefan.'

'Forgive me for being honest. You’re gorgeous.'

You become friends, but then he asks you on a date.

Both of you are entering the Mystic Grill.

A handsome-looking man blocks your way

'So, it IS true! Such resemblance….'

'I’m sorry. Who are you?'

Stefan gets angry as he shoves the man aside.

Stefan holds your hand and guides you inside, away from Damon.

Your date goes well, and you quickly forget your weird encounter with Damon.

'You remind me…… of the best days of my life.'

'But aren’t you only seventeen?'

Both of you are interrupted by a strange man.

'How can it be? Stefan Salvatore? But you haven’t aged a day…'

'Sir, you’re mistaken.'

After your date, you go to the library and work and come across newspaper clippings.

Here… precisely what I needed… perfect for my history assign-

You suddenly notice Stefan’s face in a newspaper clipping dated 1954.

Confront Stefan.
Don't do anything

Wait a moment, your result is coming soon