You Are A Police Officer And You Received A Report That A Woman Was Found Dead With 131 Stab Wounds···

By  Rose
Published on   26, 2022

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Jake, you're a cop. This needs to be investigated, a woman found dead with 131 stab wounds!

Start To Test

The boarding house where the crime occurred was surrounded by the media. You quickly assess your surroundings to gather accurate information.

You thought:

The object used is missing, based on the body, it appears that she was stabbed 12 hours ago.

Seeing her personal items you learned more, Olivia Cruz, a breadwinner and mall employee.

Someone arrived at the headquarters to testify.

You'd still like to check out the place, but what your colleague said is also important. What to prioritize?

Go to the headquarters
Spend more time at the boarding house

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