Perfect Love

By  Mohsinat
Published on   Feb 23, 2022

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You are Freya and you've just arrived at your new apartment in a new city, both excited and nervous to see where this fresh start takes you. Little did you know, while an obnoxious thing awaits in your apartment, someone else is soon to arrive by the apartment of your heart to wreck you apart...

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Are you serious...ugh!!!

This place was supposed to be spick and span, at least that's what the landlord had specified over the phone, but it's a total pigsty!

Before you start cleaning, you get on your phone to see if anyone has responded to your roommate application yet. One person has applied, you briefly take a look before accepting his application.

Seems legit enough, don't really have a choice anyways.

As you fall asleep that night, you hear a strange growling noise. It lasted mere seconds and was faint, but you still managed to pick it up.

That was a weird sound...but it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me. I've had a long day.

In the morning, you are woken up to a loud knock on the door.

What time is it? It's too early for Jesse to be here already.

*3:27 pm

Oh shit! I can't have him see me like this on our first time meeting!

You rush around to make yourself presentable. Managing to throw on some leggings and a tank top you calmly walk over to the door to open it.

When you lay your eyes on him you realize what a huge mistake it was!

Oh God! Why is he so good-looking! His eyes...they're so BLUE. And his hair is a deep chocoate brown. And don't even get me started with his body. He's so burly! I just want to reach out and-


Oh I'm so sorry! I must have spaced out a little there haha. Anyway, it's nice to to officially meet you.

It's nice to meet you too.

He reaches out to shake your hand, hands lingering a little longer than they should have. He smiles at you and then lets you go.

Come in and let me give you a tour.

As you give him the tour, he continues to stare at you as if amused by something.

Why do you keep staring at me like that?

Jesse's eyes widen and he coughs.'re kinda adorable.

Your cheeks turn red and you decide to ignore what he said as you go on with the tour. that you've seen everything. Let's establish some rules.

First, you have to tell me ahead of time if you're planning on having friends over, also try to limit down the hangouts here too if you can. I'm kind of an introvery so I like my me time peaceful and quiet.

Second, we will split the chores evenly, I vaccum one day, you vaccum the other day. Also, don't try to be too loud at night.. I'm gonna have a lot to catch up on when I start college.

Jesse chuckled after the last part and smiles at you.

She's so adorable...

Haha, don't worry. I'll try my best to not intrude on your...'me time'.

Okay then...I'll let you get settled. Let me know if you need any help.

Once you get back to your room, you squeal under your breath.

He's so cute!! Not to mention nice and east to talk to too.

Things are hectic for a time, you and Jesse hardly see each other at all. You don't have any classes together in college and you're both always either at your classes, work, or study.

On top of that, you keep hearing freaky noises in your room every night when you try to sleep. It's been keeping you awake at night and your grades are starting to suffer because of it.

Good morning, sunshine!

You sit at the kitchen table drowsily eating a bowl of cereal as Jesse walks in all chipper.

Yeah, yeah...

What's wrong? You seem to be in a bad mood today.

Say you're fine and be nice.
Get snarky with him.

Nothing, I'm fine. I've just been having some trouble sleeping lately and all. I keep hearing these creepy noises in my room at night and it's getting harder to ignore them. My grades have even started to go down.

Do you want to sleep in my room?

You both blush and look away.

No no, I meant...I meant do you want to switch rooms? I don't mind at all if it helps you get better sleep.

No, I couldn't have you do that for me. Besides, then you would be stuck with the noises.

Jesse frowns at you skeptically but decides to drop the subject.

A bad mood? We've barely even said two words to each other and now you're already complaining that I'm in a bad mood?

I wasn't complaning...I was just making sure that you are okay.

Gosh...what am I even doing?

I'm sorry...I guess I'm just in a bad mood because I'm tired. I haven't been getting much sleep lately. But I'm fine.

Jesse looks at you in worry.

Is there anything I can do to help?

No that's okay. I think I will be fine. So just drop it.

Jesse is still worried but decides to drop the subject.

Well since today is our first day of break, do you want to have a movie marathon tonight? We can invite a few people over.

Yeah, that sounds nice. I haven't been able to be very social lately, haha.

Later that night, you two are sitting on the couch waiting for your friends to get there as you try to decide on movies.

How about this one?

You lift your phone screen to show him the movie you've found.'s too girly.

You squint your eyes at him as he continues to look through movies on his phone.

And what's wrong with girly?

Nothing's wrong with girly, it's

You raise your eyebrows and look at him expectantly.

Well, I'm girly. Very girl actually. Does that mean you think I'

Jesse's eyes widened and he gulped loudly. He scoots closer to you...

Of course not. I actually think you're...

HIs face is inches from yours now and he puts his hand on your cheek. You gulp nervously and aren't really sure what's about to happen.

...pretty amazing.

Jesse gets even closer to you as your lips brush against each other so slightly. You close your eyes and prepare for the best kiss of your life before you're interrupted by a ring of the doorbell.

You both sit back with disappointed looks on your faces and he gets up to answer the door.

Let him go and answer the door
Go kiss him before he gets to the door

Damn it! So close, yet so far. Was he really going to kiss me?

You shake your head in confusion before deciding to put it out of your mind for the rest of the night.

Before Jesse gets the chance to open the door, you spring up and run up to him.

Just do it!

You lean up to him and gently press your lips against his. Your lips move in sync, like magnets.

Your moment is interrupted by louder banging on the door.

Hey! Let us in people!

Your friends come inside and you're all sitting on the couch as Jesse sets up the TV.

So Jesse, got a girlfriend?

She shrugs her shoulder while looking at you and mouths 'he's hot'.

Haha, none at the moment.

Hmm. I will keep that in note.

Jesse turns around at this and Claire winks at him playfully.

Eventually, Jesse finishes setting up everything and join you all on the couch. Claire intentionally scoots over next to you to force Jesse sit next to her. He looks at the spot next to you then plops down next to Claire. Crossing your arms, you focus on the movie.

Throughout the movies, you could hear Claire whispering things to Jesse, to which he doesn't usually respond. But sometimes he does. And that makes you angry. You know you have no right to be angry, but you couldn't help how you felt. You are jealous and mad that he was giving even the slightest bit of attention to another woman. Meanwhile, you don't see him look at your way once! That makes you feel worse.

Maybe what happened between us earlier was just a game or fluke.

Once the movies are over, you say good night to your friends and go to clean up the messes and Jesse stops you.

Don't worry, I got this.

Are you sure? I don't mind.

I'd feel bad if you had to clean up aftermymess.

You just shrug your shoulders and go to sit at the island counter, sipping on a glass of water. Jesse notices that something's wrong.

Is everything okay?

You take a few seconds to think about what to say next.

Tell him what's wrong and ask him about what happened earlier.
Say you're fine and ignore your feelings.

What was that earlier? Between us, I mean?

Were you gonna kiss me?

Jesse looked at you intently.

And so what if I was?

So why'd you let Claire flirt with you all night then? OR was it all just a game to you?

Jesse smiled and looked down.

You know, you can be really cute sometimes. Especially when you're jealous.

Yeahh, I'm okay. I'm just tired, I'mgonna head to bed now.

You get up to leave but he grabs your arm to stop you.

We should talk about...what happened earlier. Does it mean anything to you?

You look down shyly being unable to answer.

Tell me. How do you feel about me? do you feel about me?

He begins to lean closer to you again, your breaths mingling.

I think I...

might be...

Say it...

I think I might be...falling in love with you.

At this, he closes the gap in between and presses his lips fully against yours. Moving in sync, your saliva and breaths intertwine and become indistinguisable from each other.

Eventually you pull apart, nearly gasping for air.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Don't you have anything to say? Tell me how you think about me.

You smile brightly and he beams at you before pulling you in for another deeper kiss.

Once you finally pull apart, Jesse notices something behind you.


You turn around to find all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen wide open and stuff tossed about the counter.

The kitchen was normal when I walked in here just a few minutes ago!

I guess this is a good time to tell you too...I've been experiencing the same things as you here.

I didn't tell you before because I didn't want to freak you out.

You both get up to put the kitchen back to how it was and say good nights.

The next few months went in a blur. You and Jesse have gotten so closse and spend a lot of time together. Even during college and busy times you make time for each other.

You've dressed up in your favorite black dress and paired it with nice heels. Jesse claimed to have something on surprise. You can't wait to see him tonight.

You get up to get the door after a knock.

Wow! You look-

Trust me, I don't look half as amazing, beautiful, adorable as you do!

You end up going to a very fancy restaurant. The food was to die for. THen you went to watch the movie you've been wanting to see for ages. He decides to take you to the beach and you guys sit there looking up at the stars together. You end up talking about life and telling each other about your goals, childhoods.


Jesse looks at you expectantly while you choose your next words wisely.

Tell Jesse you love him.
Tell him you're glad he applied to be your roommate.

I love you.

Jesse's eyes shine brighter than the moon above and he leans over to kisss you passionately.

I love you too! Actually I've been wanting to tell you taht for a while now.

I'm glad you applied to be my roommate.

Haha, yeah me too. I don't know what I'd do without you...

Once you, finally, reluctantly, decide to head back home neither of you can stop smiling. You both had an amazing time together.

The lights won't turn on inside. At first, you don't see anything, but then you notice a large knife floating in the air in the kitchen.

Freya, move!


You move out of the way just in time, it hits your shoulder instead.


Jesse runs over to you as you lie on ground in pain.

You look up at him with teary eyes.

I can't take this anymore, Jesse! It's too much!

Jesse keeps a strong facade and pulls you in for a hug to comfort you.

Come on, let's get out of here.

*3 weeks later

Hmm...can't decide. This one or this one?

A few weeks later, you and Jesse are standing outside your new apartment.

I love you, so everything is perfect!

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