You Are A Boring Workaholic, When You Meet Love, Can You Catch It?

By  Selina
Published on   Feb 23, 2022

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You're Tracy. You're a workaholic whose live revolves around her work.

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You find your colleague and only friend Tanya looking at you strangely.

'Did you sleep in here overnight?'

"Well, yeah"
"Sleep.. what sleep..."

'I had to sleep in the office to complete the slides for Macpeterson’s pitch.'

'Are you out of your mind! That is why you have interns.'

'You know I can tell when you are lying, right?'

'I am not lying; I must have dozed off.'

'That doesn’t even answer my question.'

'Well, I think what you need right now in your life is a boyfriend.'

'You are always at work, and despite your denial, you’re a workaholic.'

You are taken aback by your friend’s speech.

'You know I only want the best for you.'

Tanya pulls you in for a hug.

'Go to the bathroom and freshen up. People are going to think you look crazy!'

Your eyes go wide when you see yourself in the mirror, and you quickly give Tanya a kiss on the cheek before dashing into the bathroom.

You make your way to the conference room, where you notice that the meeting has already begun.

What do you do?

Walk in confidently
Stand at the door nervously

'Good, you are just the person we have been waiting for. Take your seat, please.'

You take your seat and notice your boss Daniel smiling at you weirdly.

Someone opens the door to go out, and you are left with no choice but to go inside.

You notice your boss Daniel smiling at you weirdly when you walk in.

'Is something wrong?'

'Not at all. Just happy that we have someone like you in our midst, right guys?'

You notice Tanya trying to mouth something at you.

'Let me just go straight to the point here. There will be a business seminar at our headquarters in New York for two days.'

'Since no one has volunteered to go, I figured this might be something you would be interested in, right?'

"Yeah! I'd love to"
"Can I think about it?"

'Excellent! You leave tomorrow.'

'That’s quite surprising. I was pretty confident you would come through for the team here in Texas.'

'You know what, I would love to go to New York.'

'Excellent! You leave tomorrow.'

Tanya immediately drags you out of the conference room and into your office.

'Why did you agree to go so quickly? Do you know how tedious this business seminar usually is?'

'You know, I think New York might actually be good for you.'

'You know I am only going there for a business seminar, right?'

'I know, and it wouldn’t kill you to have fun while at it.'

The rest of the day passes by in a blur, and you return home early to begin packing for your trip.

You arrive at the New York headquarters as scheduled, and you marvel at how big and beautiful the building is.

On your way to the seminar room with your coffee, you bump into a man with a rock-hard chest.

You spill your coffee all over his shirt.

Get a napkin from your purse
Stare at him

You dab the napkin on his shirt and find yourself intrigued by his smell.

'You don’t have to do that. I am sure I can get a clean one soon.'

You take in a deep breath when you discover that your fingers are enveloped in his hands.

'I am Bryan, by the way, and I believe I owe you a cup of coffee.'

You feel very terrible, and you find yourself unable to take your eyes off his face.

'I am sorry for spilling coffee on your shirt.'

'I am at fault, too. I should have watched where I was going.'

'I am Bryan, by the way, and I believe I owe you a cup of coffee.'

'Is this a joke?'

'Not at all. I would really love to get you another cup of coffee.'

'I actually just want to spend a few moments with you before the seminar begins.'

'But you do not even know me.'

'Well, I plan on getting to know you while I get you coffee. So, what do you say?'

'I would love to get another cup of coffee with you.'

You get to the breakroom, and Bryan takes two cups and begins to make your coffee.

Bryan hands you your coffee. His gaze seems to linger on your lips before he backs away.

'You have beautiful eyes.'

Compliment his eyes
Look away shyly

'I guess today might be my lucky day. A beautiful woman just complimented me.'

'I was just being honest.'

You look back at Bryan’s face, and you see him staring at you with a look of interest.

'You are not from this branch, right?'

'I am from a branch in Texas. My accent gave me away, right?'

'I know every face here, and I am sure I would have remembered a face as beautiful as yours.'

You speak passionately about your branch that you almost forget yourself.

'Wow, I have never heard anyone talk so passionately about their job. You never told me your name, by the way?'


'Are you the famous Tracy that has bagged employee of the month title for three consecutive years?'


'I certainly am, and I plan on doing so again this year.'

'I believe you have just stolen my heart, and I want you to stay in New York.'

'Yes, but it’s really not that big of a deal.'

'I believe you have stolen my heart, and I want you to stay in New York.'

Bryan’s phone rings.

'Sorry, I have to take this.'

You check your time and see that it is time for the seminar, so you leave.

The seminar starts when you get into the room and decide to save a seat for Bryan.

Bryan walks in when the seminar is about to end. His eyes find you, and you find yourself blushing.

However, you are surprised when he walks to the podium and introduces himself as the company’s vice president.

This must be a dream.

Pinch yourself
Blink repeatedly

You yelp in pain and notice some people stare at you.

Bryan, however, still continues to talk on the podium, and the room begins to feel too small.

Nothing changes and Bryan keeps talking on the podium.

You do not wait for Bryan to finish his closing remark before dashing out of the room.

You do not go far before you hear Bryan scream your name.

'Tracy, can I see you in my office.'

You follow Bryan nervously into his office.

'Why did you leave so abruptly?'

'I didn’t know you were my boss.'

'I don’t think many people are ever so laid back around me, but I don’t want this to change anything between us.'

'You make me feel an emotion in my heart that was long buried, and I would like you to remain in New York.'

'The branch in Texas would be fine. I would send someone there as your replacement.'

This is so hard. I know I can’t deny that we have chemistry, and I know I can start my next phase of career advancement if I remain in New York.

"I would love to stay!"
"I don't think I should stay here"

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