Omega's Fake Wedding

By  Selina
Published on   Feb 17, 2022

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You are Aston, a beautiful and sensible omega who lives alone.

Start To Test

You are at work.

'You’ll have to stay till late today, there are lots to do!'

James has shown interest in you earlier, but you want someone to like you for who you are rather than your pretty face.

I know James is only punishing me for not paying heed to his advances.

But I can’t react; better to work than to start a fight. My heat is close too…

You stay till late finishing the work. When you are about to leave, James approaches you.

'Let me give you a ride home. You look terribly weak…'

James smiles wickedly at you. You:

Get in the car
Give an excuse

'That’s more like it.'

He brushes the hair off your face.

He starts driving away. In a few minutes, you feel your body crumple as you can’t find the energy to sit up.

'James, can you stop the car, please?'

James stops the car and looks at you. You open the car door and fall outside. You start limping away.

'Shit, are you on heat?'

'No, thanks. I like walking.'

You start walking away hurriedly. But James follows you anyways.

I need to get home; I feel so weak.

On your way, you realize your body weight is difficult for you to move. So you half limp and half drag yourself.

'Oh My God. You’re on heat!'

'Come here, you! No escaping now...'

You try to fight him off, but you are too weak and fall to the ground.

He starts ripping away your clothes.

Within bouts of passing out, you hear someone fight off James from your body.

'What… who are…'

Soon, you are being carried away in someone’s arms and look back at James’ body, bloodied on the street.

"Thank you? Who are you?"
Pretend you have fainted

The Alpha simply looks at you, but doesn’t respond.

You feel your eyes close from the tiredness.

You close your eyes, but not before catching a glimpse of the Alpha.

You dream of the Alpha. And then wake up the next day...

Where am I?

You look around and find him sitting a reasonable distance away from you.

He can sense your heat scent and doesn’t want to get tempted.

'Hi… uhh… thanks for last night'

He looks at you and smiles. Then he nods and leaves.

He had brought you to a heat room in a nearby building, so you stay there till it’s over. Then you go home.

Who was he? I can’t stop thinking about him. He didn’t even tell me his name.

You go back to your work and resume everything like nothing happened.

Then outside your office building you run into the same Alpha one day.

Shit, it’s him!

You see the man beside him, and realize that perhaps he is married.

You look at him and see no emotion in his eyes.

'I wanted to thank you properly that day… But I didn’t even have your name.'

'He's mute!'

You notice how jokingly the man said it, without sympathy.

'He is Martin, by the way.'

You and Martin shake hands, and there is a spark between you two.

Martin looks at your chest, and you understand that he can hear your fluttering heart.

Joe and Martin leave, but not before you give them your number.

Later that day, you receive a text.

'Hi, this is me… Martin, from earlier.'

'Hey! How are you?'

'Horny! My rut is close.'

He is dominating! I could never have guessed…

'Aren’t you married to Joe?'

'Joe’s my fiancé, against my will.'

'If it’s fake after all, why not replace Joe with me?'

'Really? Are you serious?'

"Yes, I'd love to."
Only because I want to repay you for saving my life.

'Then it’s a deal. No backing off now!'

'I don’t even want to back off!!'

'I’d have liked it if you actually wanted to do it, but I’ll settle for this.'

Both of you meet up the next day and sign a contract detailing the rules of the fake marriage.

He will protect you during your heat, and you will submit to him and serve him during his rut.

Okay. I’m excited but also very nervous.

Martin has already given you a manual to the sign language he uses. You move in with him.

He helps you build a comfortable nest and respects your boundaries more than anything.

But he’s also dominating in a good way and makes you feel safe.

I have never had someone respect me like this in all my existence.

You two spend a few weeks together.

You become fluent in understanding sign language.

When his rut comes, he shuts himself off in a separate room and signals you one final time before closing the door...

'I will respect your space and won’t push you to do anything you don’t want to.'

But I want to serve him. I desire to please my Alpha…

Mate with him and turn your relationship into reality.
Stick to the rules.
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