The Abandoned House

By  Nish
Published on   Feb 17, 2022

Test instructions:

Your name is Rosie.

Your family has been evicted from several houses, several times. You're going through a difficult time.
Your parents were offered an abandoned house by a friend, and they can no longer decline it due to financial issues.

So... the house is your new home!
But how are you going to spend your time in your new home?

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It's already 8 p.m.

You've almost finished arranging your belongings in your new home.

The house is old, and because it has been abandoned for a long time, there is no electricity.

The only candle illuminates the dark surroundings when the sunlight doesn't come through the window.

As you're settling into your room, your sister Sylvia walks in.

Rosie, can we maybe share the same room?

What? Why?

I love you and all, but we have separate rooms, you know...

I know... but I feel a little uneasy.
I just want to stay with you.

Can I?

You know your sister is afraid of dark places, but you're also not keen on sharing a room!

You need to make a decision.

What do you do?

Give in. She can stay with you.
No way! She needs to go to her own room.

Fine... fine! You can stay with me.

But... you can't sleep on the bed, you'll be sleeping on the floor.

Yay! Thank you!

For sure, I'll sleep on the floor.

I just can't be alone.

The two of you try to sleep, but it's hard to shake off the uneasy feeling. It's finally 11 p.m. when you fall asleep.

Uhm... you know I'm uncomfortable with sharing.

Yeah... but I have a different feeling about this house. I feel... different.

Oh come on! You're just scaring yourself.

You laugh at Sylvia before you turn your back on her.

You go to your room right away, leaving Sylvia to deal with her fears. You get onto your bed and try to fall asleep.

You wake at 3 a.m. due to a strange sound.

You can hardly see anything because the surroundings are so dark. You force yourself to stand up and light the candle. As you walk to find it, you begin to feel strange, as if someone is watching you from afar.

You've never felt this afraid before, but this time, it's different. You can't move from where you're standing!

But... you have to do something!

Face the strange sensation.
Keep looking for the candle.

You turn slowly, but it's pitch black and you can't see anything.

You attempt to walk.

Is someone here? Who is it?

You walk slowly once more, towards the presence.

Is that you. Sylvia?

It suddenly becomes very quiet.

Nobody responds to you.

You need light. You ignore the weirdness and try looking for the candle.

Something falls to the ground behind you!

You're trying to sound brave.

You-you'll never scare me, haha!

You try to make your way to the fallen object, but it's still so dark and you can't find the candle.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone's standing in front of you.

Your heart leaps to your throat, but you manage not to scream.


No answer, but the person starts to get closer.

Petrified, you realize you're not hearing any footsteps.

Your eyes widen as you notice the body floating a few inches above the floor.

Oh god! What is this?

What do I do?

Run to your bed and hide.
Don't move.

You dash to your bedroom and get under the covers.

You scream out!

Mom! Dad! Help!

Weirdly, though, no sound escapes your mouth.

You feel yourself screaming, but you know there's no sound.

You can hardly move. After a few moments stuck there, you try to move slowly towards your room.

Tears of fear are dripping from your eyes.

Don-don't get any closer!

The figure seems unable to hear you.

It keeps approaching.

Closer. And closer.

Is this thing even a person?

As you begin processing what's in front of you, you realize that you need to hide.

You run to your room and get under the covers. You are lying absolutely still.

As you try to gather your wits, you notice someone lying next to you in your bed.

Oh, god.

You turn around slowly to face the strange body... and find yourself looking at your own body, asleep.

The figure appears next to you just then.

You see that it's a woman with a pale, sickly face. She looks miserable.

What? Who are you? What's going on?

I'm Lucy. I've been waiting for you.

Waiting for me... what? Why? And why are there two of me?

Am I... am I dead?

No. You're not dead... yet. I need you to come along with me.

You hear footsteps. Your mother and sister have come to the bedside.


You realize soon that they can't hear you. They can only see your body, asleep. Shaking.

What have you done to me?

They can't see you. They can't hear you. You have no choice but to stay with me.

We're the same age, you see. That's why you're perfect.

What? You're crazy! I can't do this! Send me back! Why are you doing this?

Because I need someone. I need you. Accept it. You and I... we're the same now.

There's no escaping this fate.

What do you mean, Lucy? What's my fate? What was yours?

You're terrified but you need to know.

Any girl our age... when she comes into this house. She is destined to die.

My family killed me. I loved my parents and my sister, but they never loved me back. I tried to please them but when we moved into this house, they had the perfect opportunity to get rid of me!

This room... they locked me in this room. No food, no water, nothing. I died trying to get out.

But even after death, I was trapped here. But now you're here. I need you to be with me.

Lucy... I'm sorry about what happened to you, but I can't stay with you. I have a life to live, my family loves me. I can't just give up on that!


Only you can love yourself fully. You can't count on the love of others.

But... I'll give you a chance.

Please... I'll do anything. I need to return to my body.

Your parents and sister are now at the bedside, trying to wake up your sleeping, shaking body.

If you want to return, you might have a chance of doing it on your own.

Prove that your family loves you, or prove that you love yourself.

If you leave this house, I won't have the power to keep you separate from your body. You'll return to yourself, but you'll have to find your way back to your family.

If you stay, in this form, you might be able to will yourself back into your body.

So... stay here and hope to will myself back into my body or run away and return with my body?

What is your final choice?

Run out of the house!
Run to your family!

You decide to make a run for it.

You sprint past Lucy, your parents and sister, and run until you're out of the front door.

Breathless, you look down at your body. You don't feel different.

Your mom wails from inside, screaming your name. the world?

You ran to save yourself. See? I told you, only you can love yourself truly.

We can be together now, Rosie. You just died and your mother just saw you take your last breath.

We can be together forever!


No! You - you tricked me! No, I can't die!

You rush back into your room, desperate to do anything to come back.

Well, you made the ultimate choice.

You faced the consequences, and you are trying your best to get back.

Do you succeed?

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You run back to your family and see that they're scared and huddled together, praying for you.

They don't see you, but you run to your bed, lie down and try to concentrate on floating into your body.

Minutes pass and nothing is happening!

Lucy is watching you, a creepy smile on her face.

You get off the bed and look at your poor family, wishing they could hear and see you.

With nothing else to do, you go up to them and hug them tightly.

How do I come back to you?

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