A Secret Spy's Enchanting Love Story

By  Selina
Published on   Feb 14, 2022

Test instructions:

You are Madison. You are working for the government as an agent alongside your boyfriend, Abraham.

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'Madison, the boss needs you in the conference hall right now.'

You go to the conference hall to find your boss Mr. Fields with the Prime Minister waiting for you.

'As you may be aware, our biggest threat right now is Jacob Parenti’s smuggling business. He has delved too deep into every market.'

'We need you to enter his inner circle as a spy and find information about him.'

This sounds like a dangerous job, but I won’t disappoint my country!

Of course.
Can I enlist Abraham’s help?

'Good then. You shall board an early morning flight tomorrow.'

'If that’ll help you, yes.'

You go back home and pack for your mission. You tell your boyfriend Abraham about it too.

'Are you sure you can do it?'

'Yes, of course. Anything for my country.'

You kiss Abraham, and both of you spend one last night together.

You board the flight the next day and go off to Parenti’s secret base from where he does his illegal business. You are undercover as a fellow drug buyer.

'I need to see your best product before telling you my price.'

'Has anyone ever told you you are challenging?'

Parenti hesitates but agrees. He takes you behind a concealed door to his most guarded chamber. You are wearing a hidden camera.

'Alright. I like what I see. But I need some time to think.'

'Take all the time you need. But you can’t leave this place.'

You stay at the base for a couple of days. You plan a way to catch hold of Parenti’s personal computer to get a list of all his suppliers.

Distract the guard by flirting with him.
Knock him out.

'I'm a little lost. Can you help me? I am sooo thirsty.'

You lick your lips, and the guard immediately gets turned on. He blinks to recover and stumbles away.

'I’ll… get it… right away.'

You punch the guard right in his face, and he drops to the floor.

You enter Parenti’s private room and grab hold of his computer. You start copying the folders to a pen drive. You open one and see descriptions of your boyfriend.

Oh my god! Is this Abraham listed as a supplier for Parenti, but how can it be?! Why would he do this?

Once you have everything, you quickly return to your room.

Confront Abraham.
Contact Mr. Fields.

'Madison, is everything okay? Are you safe?'

'Don’t you already know? Aren’t you friends with Jacob?'

'Listen to me carefully. Our country is compromised heavily. I only did what I had to to survive.'

'I’m considering letting Mr. Fields know.'

Abraham starts laughing on the other end.

'Don’t you know Fields is involved as well? Baby, I really love you, and I don’t want to lose you.'

'You already have.'

'Yes, Madison. Any updates?'

'Sir, I don’t know how to say this. But I think Abraham is a supplier to Parenti. He is compromised.'

'Then listen to me, Madison. Whatever you have against him, get rid of it. You can’t change everything.'

'Sir, what are you talking about?'

'I’m saying that I’m involved too! And you’ll be surprised to see how many others are too. If I were you, I’d join in and make a profit.'

Dear God, I can’t understand all this. But the Prime Minister can help me certainly…

But there will be consequences. Maybe he will be brainwashed by Fields. I can be imprisoned in that case for defaming Fields.

You receive a text from Abraham then.

'Baby, I love you. I want to have a future with you. But I cannot protect you if you choose to expose Fields and me.'

'Now listen to an alternate scenario. We can have the life we always wanted. We would be boundlessly rich.'

'What has it done for you anyways. And one day, we can leave this country together and go someplace else and start afresh.'

I really can’t decide. On the one hand, I want Abraham. And on the other, I want to help my country…

Betray your country and join illegal activities
Expose Abraham and Fields, no matter the consequences
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