Dying To Love

By  Veronica
Published on   Feb 08, 2022

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You’re the Dean at your parent’s university, but a dark past haunt you.

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In your 5 years at Howard University, you have never met anyone as good looking or arrogant as David.

He is a young and talented professor, and good-looking.

Ariel: Glad to hear that you will be contributing to our well-known university

He might be good-looking, but he sure is arrogant!

I’m going to be the best professor this university has ever seen.

How do you react?

Stay Calm
Become Annoyed

Of course. I will never disappoint you.

Really? You better be sure of that, because one mistake can put you on the plane back to U.S.

Do you think I will allow that to happen?

Even after a year, you just couldn’t shake the feeling of annoyance towards him.

David: Ms. Ariel, may I invite you to dinner?

You are surprised by David’s sudden invitation. How do you respond?

Sure, no problem!
I’m sorry, I have a lot of work.

Great! See you.

That night, you arrive at what looks like an abandoned building. David calls you as you pull up.

Ariel: Hello?

Your dress sure is appropriate with this place, isn’t it, Ms. Ariel Howard?

How dare you make me look like a fool, David. Where are you?!

Behind you.

You looked behind, and see David standing in the distance.

OK, bye!

As you are driving home, you notice David driving behind you. What happened next shocked you to your core. David sped up and hit your car. You immediately get out.

How dare you! You’re fired!

You slap him across his face but he just laughs.

David: Why? Are you scared?

Why did you do this?!

Do you remember Denise Scott?

David looks up into the night sky, what he says next chills you to the bone.

David: My sister Denise is one of the stars.

Your eyes widened. Denise is your deepest secret.

David: Help me avenge her.

I never meant to abandon her, let’s do it.
And what will I get in return for assisting you?

Do you mean it?

After what you’ve done to my sister, you dare ask for something in return?

You agreed to assist David. You decide to visit Luke and Jessica, children of Howard University’s biggest shareholder and culprits in Denise’s murder. You:

Go to them with David
Go to them alone

David accompanies you to the Lightwood’s house, five hours away.

Jessica: Who is he, Ariel?

I’m her fiancée.

When morning arrives, you rush out of your condo to visit Luke and Jessica. You arrived at their mansion after only five hours of driving. The guards recognize you, so getting into their home isn't a problem.

Jessica: Oh, hi Ariel! It’s been a long time.

Luke: And I can’t believe it, is it for real?

David: And she’s not alone.

David’s sudden appearance leaves you flabbergasted.

David: Why didn't you tell me you were going to meet them, honey?

You wanted to ask him how he knew you were going to Luke and Jessica's mansion, but you didn't.

David: You are cordially invited to our engagement party.

You don't understand why David said that, but you just go with the flow. David brings you to a beautifully decorated venue, where you see your parents, as well as your college friends.

Ariel: David, what is this?

Relax, honey. Trust me.

David took a step away from you and picked up the microphone.

I'm glad you could be here on this very important day for us. Before we begin, I'd like to invite five people who meant a lot to Ariel: Luke, Jessica, Oliver, Laurie, and Ivy.

The five were shocked to hear David refer to them as important people to Ariel, but they went up to the stage. A video began playing on the large screen on stage which is a video of Ariel naming them as Denise’s murderers.

You look at David and says:

This is not the right time, David!
You're amazing David, how did you do all this?

When is the right time, Ariel? 5 more years?

I told you, this is it. Justice for Denise.

You took a deep breath and faced them all.

Yes, I witnessed Denise’s murder. My parents persuaded me not to tell the truth in order to protect our family-owned university. In exchange, they would grant me control of Howard University.

In no time at all, the police apprehended the five perpetrators, as well as your parents. You feel sad but also, relieved.

I hope Denise and you are happy now.

Yes, she is, but not me.


Because I need to get one more justice.

What do you mean?

As he approached you and seemed to want to taste your lips, you suddenly realized what he meant. You:

Push him away
Let him​ kiss you
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