When You Become A Cat: How Will Your Adventure Play Out?

By  Nish
Published on   27, 2022

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Your name is Lila and you are a street cat. You live with a group of other stray cats and you're one of the hunters of the group.

You spend your days finding food for your cat friends. Everyone in your unique cat family depends on you.

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You are spending a typical day with your cat family.

The leader of the group, Macho, has always ordered you around.

Hey! Lila! What are you doing there? It's almost lunch time and you haven't found us anything to eat!

The rest of the cats meow in protest, annoyed that you haven't gone hunting.

I know, Macho! I'm sorry, my paws are sore from walking on the hot tar road. Can't you send someone else?

Your friend Calico steps up to help.

Yeah, Macho. Let her rest. I'll go hunt.

No way! Lila is new here. We picked you up from an abandoned house. You would have died if not for us.

Now, you'll earn your due and go hunt.

You remember being abandoned by your human owners and living without food for days.

You remember Macho and Calico coming to take you to your new home.

You feel grateful, but Machohas been working you to the bone for too long. You've hardly slept!

Machois the leader of the gang, but he's also being unfair to you.

What do you do?

Stand your ground. You can't go.
Give in, agree to go hunting.

Wait a moment, your result is coming soon