When You Become A Cat: How Will Your Adventure Play Out?

By  Nish
Published on   Jan 27, 2022

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Your name is Lila and you are a street cat. You live with a group of other stray cats and you're one of the hunters of the group.

You spend your days finding food for your cat friends. Everyone in your unique cat family depends on you.

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You are spending a typical day with your cat family.

The leader of the group, Macho, has always ordered you around.

Hey! Lila! What are you doing there? It's almost lunch time and you haven't found us anything to eat!

The rest of the cats meow in protest, annoyed that you haven't gone hunting.

I know, Macho! I'm sorry, my paws are sore from walking on the hot tar road. Can't you send someone else?

Your friend Calico steps up to help.

Yeah, Macho. Let her rest. I'll go hunt.

No way! Lila is new here. We picked you up from an abandoned house. You would have died if not for us.

Now, you'll earn your due and go hunt.

You remember being abandoned by your human owners and living without food for days.

You remember Macho and Calico coming to take you to your new home.

You feel grateful, but Machohas been working you to the bone for too long. You've hardly slept!

Machois the leader of the gang, but he's also being unfair to you.

What do you do?

Stand your ground. You can't go.
Give in, agree to go hunting.

I don't want to go. I literally cannot.

And, Calico said he'd go instead!

You don't call the shots here.

You do as I say.

If you won't go, then nobody goes. Everyone starves.

Calico shoots you a pleading look.

He hasn't had anything to eat for a while, and he looks weak.

If you don't get him food, he might not survive another day.

You decide to go for a hunt.

Fine. I'll try to get back as soon as possible.

You walk down the alley with great difficulty, trying to figure out where you can find food.

Hmm... the supermarket across the street should have some scraps near the dumpster. I should go check.

The dumpster doesn't look promising.

Oh no, they've taken out the trash! I should snoop around anyway, there might be something hidden.

Ouch! My paws hurt.

You squeeze through the dumpsters, looking for scraps. Your paws are hurt more because of the sharp shards of plastic and glass that you are forced to trample.

Suddenly, you see a ray of hope.

There's a box in the corner and it smells like delicious bacon!

You go in to take a closer look...

When you feel a sharp pain on your neck and you black out!

Ow, my head hurts. Where am I...?

You wake up in a well-lit room. It smells like...cat. You stand up and walk blindly forward, but your face smashes against metal bars.

What? I'm in a cage? I'm in a cage!

A cat from an adjoining cage starts talking to you.

Hey. Welcome to the Shelter. My name is Bruce.

Uh...hey, Bruce. Where am I? What's the Shelter?

You're panicking now. You HATE cages.

I don't know where you came from, but I saw them taking you in a box and putting you in the cage an hour ago.

You probably got caught to one of their traps. The Shelter loves to catch cats like us and put us in these prisons.

Bruce looks sad. He also looks like he doesn't get enough to eat. He reminds you of Calico.

How long have you been here, Bruce?

Can't say for sure, but I think I've been here about six months. I don't have much long left here, now.

Not much time? What does that mean?

There was another cat here, who told me that once you've been at the Shelter for six months, they take you away. That cat didn't come back after her sixth month.

I don't know what happens, but I think they'll take me away soon.

Bruce looks sad. I wish I could help him!

I need to figure out what I'm doing here and I need to leave! Calico's starving!

Just then, a kindly woman walks in and comes up to you.

Hi there, girl! How are ya? How are your paws?

My paws?

You see that your paws are bandaged, and they feel much better!

You let out a grateful meow.

Thank you, kind lady!

The lady reaches into your hand and strokes your head.

You don't like being touched!

How do you react?

Snarl at her! No touching!
She seems nice, nuzzle into her hand.


You snarl at the lady, and she quickly recoils.

She seems to have hurt her hand in the process of taking her hand out. You feel bad.

Oh! You don't like being friendly?

Hmm... I was going to take you home, but now I'm wondering if you'll get along with the rest of my cats!

You idiot! Why did you do that? Lara would have taken you home and out of here!

So what? I hate human houses. I used to live with humans. They didn't love me. Humans don't love you, they just keep you around to make them smile.


My humans...they loved me. I lived with a couple and their children. When they died, I was brought here. I miss them.

Don't be stupid. Be nice to the lady.

Hmm... maybe I should be nice to her.

Maybe humans can be nice. Maybe.

The lady walks towards your cage again. She reaches in, gingerly, seeing if you'll react harshly again.

You begin to meow and purr, as she reaches further into the cage. You lick her hand and snuggle into her palm.

Good girl! There you go!

Oh, how are you? Do you belong to anyone? Would you like to go home with me?

You continue to purr as you think how anything would be better than a cage.

What I hate more than humans are cages. Maybe this one will be nice, like Bruce said.

You start licking her hand and she warms up to you.

Awww... you're so pretty, you're just the cat I'm looking for!

I think I'll take you home with me.

Wow. You're so lucky. I guess you're leaving as soon as you came in!

I guess I am...

You have mixed emotions, but you're mostly sad for Bruce. Why can't he be free too?

Lara opens your cage and takes you in her arms. You feel, for the first time, a sense of calm as she cuddles you.

She places you in a carrier.

Hold on, cutie! Let me fill out the paperwork before I take you home.

Inside the carrier, you notice that the door is closed but not locked.

You push the door and it swings open!

You quickly look around and see that there are stacks of boxes that will let you climb to Bruce's cage and possibly free him!

You would have to be quick and use your bruised paws to push the cage and break it open as it falls down.

You are also quite tired.

What's the next move?

You curl up inside the carrier, tired and strangely happy.

Lara emerges with papers, locks the carrier door and takes you to the car.

You fall asleep on the car ride home.

When you wake up, you're in a completely different location.

Wow! It looks so nice here!

What am I sleeping on? A cushion. It's so soft.

Hey, cutie!

Had a great nap, girl?

Let's go have some lunch!

She picks you up and places you in front of a huge bowl of meat and rice.

Food! So much food! I never have to starve again!

Bruce is startled awake.

He sees that his cage is open and runs out.

Thank you, my friend.


If you go to 43rd Alley, opposite the Supermarket, there's a group of cats who live there. My old home. They'll accept you... eventually.

If you want to get in their good books, find some food and bring it to them and tell them that Lila sent you.

Bruce nods and escapes.

Sad that you'll probably never see Calico again but happy that Bruce is free, you find your way back into the carrier.

Nobody seems to have noticed the empty cage.

You eat as much as you want and spend a few days happily. No hunting necessary!

Lara has other cats - Marley and Tombo. They're nice to you and relaxed around you. You share a large bed and you are happy here.

One day, after Lara leaves for work, you hear a commotion in the living room.

You rush out to see what's going on... to find Calico and Bruce inside the house!

Guys! Calico! Bruce!

What are you doing here?

You're so happy to see them. Especially Calico. Marley and Tombo are great, but Calico was always your best friend.

Hey, Lila! I'm so glad to see you!

After Bruce here came back with food, he told me all about how you saved him. So we thought we should save you too!

Come on, let's go!

Hey, now. I didn't say we would save her, I said we'd visit her and see if she wants to come back.

You gotta be lucky to live like this, and Lila is luckier than us both.

Oh please! Living with humans is hell! Lila knows.

Lila, we're here for you. Come, let's leave soon before your master comes home.

It hasn't been hell so far...

I love it here, but I do miss you, Calico. And Bruce, you seem to be getting along with the cat group!

Oh, but Macho would still hate me.

Macho... is a non-issue.

After he chased you out like that, we - we chased him out.

He won't be bothering us ever again. We just want you. Come home, please.

No Macho to deal with? Life could be easier then....

But, this is the most comfortable and happy I've been.

I'm going to:

Stay with Lara.
Go with Calico and Bruce.

Sorry, guys. I would love to, but I'm perfectly happy here. I've never been this fed and content!

I wish you well, but, I'm home now.

Don't ever apologize for choosing to be happy.

Thank you for getting me out, Lila. We'll come visit you soon.

You say goodbye to your friends, wondering if you'll ever see them again.

Calico looks betrayed but he's happy that you're happy.

You think about it. Without Macho, life would be much better. You could really live by your own rules, and with your friends by your side, food would be abundant!

Alright guys! I'm coming with you. You are my home and nothing can change that.

The three of you escape out the window and make your way back to your original home.

You've had a rough couple of days and you've made your decisions.

Being a cat is tough!

So, how did the rest of your life turn out?

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