Falling For My Bossy CEO

By  Selina
Published on   24, 2022

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Max is a new intern in a corporate office. Despite his rather dreary life, he is still a hopeless romantic at heart. Dmitri, his boss, is cold and distant. Yet, his looks and rare moments of kindness leave him impossible to ignore. How do you continue working when you’re attracted to your boss?

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Ring… Ring… RING!

“For goodness’ sake, Max, pick up the damn phone!”


“Who would have guessed it? Max is zoning out again.”

Max can hear laughter around him as his co-worker mocks him… again. It’s not his fault that he has a tendency for daydreaming!

“What’s so funny? I would love to be included in this joke.”

Everyone was silent as a new figure entered the office. Max looks up...

Max looks up to see a man in the doorway, dressed in what had to be a $1,000 suit, standing tall at 6.6’. He had a harsh glare on his face as if the world itself was in his way.

Not that Max was looking closely, he certainly wasn’t.

Who am I kidding. This is the first attractive man I've seen in the office.

Dmitri levels a glare at the office before looking down at a piece of paper in his hands.

“So these are the corporate offices of Huna Inc. Interesting.”

He surveys the floor, taking note of the drab cubicles and water-stained ceilings.

Their eyes meet, and Max squeaks. Dmitri starts to approach his cubicle. Does he stand his ground or try to hide?

Stand his ground
Look away

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