Hermione's Love Triangle

By  Selina
Published on   Jan 20, 2022

Test instructions:

You are Hermione, and you were born with magical powers. You are on the train ride to your school. You are going to the best school to be a top witch--Hogwarts.

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You walk past several cabins, then pick one with two boys in it. You get in and sit down.

Finally! The day I have been dreaming of! Off to Hogwarts, and soon I’ll be the best witch the world has ever seen.

Among the two boys. One is wearing glasses and has a weird scar on his forehead, and the other has red hair. The boy wearing glasses speaks first.

'Hi, I’m Harry. Harry Potter.'

I’ve heard of him! He’s the boy that….. lived.

'And I’m Ron.'

'I’m Hermione. A pleasure to meet you.'

Harry’s glasses are broken. I know of a spell that can fix it. But if I use it, they may think I’m a nerd.

Fix Harry’s glasses
Don't do anything

'You know your glasses are broken, Harry. But I can fix it!'

You point your magic wand at his glasses and fix them.

'Oculus Repairo!'

'Wow, thanks!'

Ron rolls his eyes in sarcasm.

You look at Harry’s glasses once.

'I know they’re broken. My uncle never got me new ones.'

You arrive at Hogwarts and start your classes the next day. Harry and Ron are in your class as well.

'Ron, you’re not saying the spell correctly. That’s why you can’t levitate the quill. It’s Leviosa, not Leviosaaa!'

'If you know so much, why don’t you do it then!'

'I will. Wingardium Leviosa!'

As soon as you say it, you make the quill levitate. The whole class cheers for you.

After class, you overhead Ron talking to Harry.

'Someone should tell her to stop instructing everyone. She thinks she knows everything!'

'Stop it. She’s right there.'

You run away from there. A while later, there’s a scuffle outside with the troublesome Malfoy, and he tries to verbally abuse you.


Your eyes start to water upon listening to the grave insult aimed at your family.

'How dare you?!'

Ron draws his wand and attacks Malfoy.

When the fight subsides, you find yourself thinking.

He stood up for me! He must think something good of me...

Thank him
Be casual about it

'Thank you, Ron. It was brave of you to stand for me like that.'

'Um, you’re welcome, Hermione. Anytime.'

'I can’t believe the spell backfired. Now I’m vomiting slugs because of you!'

'I appreciate what you did, but I didn’t ask you.'

You bond with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley over time. Then the Tri-Wizard Tournament takes place at Hogwarts, and it is announced that there will be a ball dance called the Yule Ball in a few days.

A crowd of young girls follows Viktor Krum, the famous Bulgarian wizard in Hogwarts, to participate in the Tournament. He looks straight at you.

Why is he looking at me?

'God, we need to find dates for the ball, Harry!'

Maybe Ron will ask me…

'I think I’ll take a shot at the beautiful Fleur Delacour…'

A few days later, Viktor finds you in the library.

'Umm, hello… I am Viktor. Viktor Krum. You know me?'

You can’t help but smile at his Bulgarian accent and limited English vocabulary.

'Yes, I do. You’re very famous. I am-'

'Miss Granger. Hermy-own Granger.'

You laugh at the pronunciation.

'That’s not how you say my name!'

'How about you teach me…. during the ball?'

'Yes. I’d love to.'

You dress up in a beautiful pink ball gown, and Viktor is dressed in a gorgeous red robe with an accompanying fur cladding his back.

Harry is spellbound when he sees the two of you together, and you simply wave at him.

While dancing with Viktor, you notice Ron eyeing you in rage.

'He matters to you?'

'Just a friend, I guess.'

You and Viktor dance for hours. When you finally stop dancing, Viktor kisses your hand and goes to get drinks for you.

'Wasn’t it a fantastic night?'

'It looked like it was, for you. Fraternizing with the enemy like that!'

'Enemy? You are a big fan of him!'

'I was!'

"Why are you angry?"
"Ugh.. your tantrums!"

'I’m not mad. I just didn’t expect you to be…'

'What? Happy? Happy dancing with someone else?'

'He doesn’t seem like your type.'

'At least he cares about me.'

'You know what, Ron, next time just have more courage to ask me for the ball before someone else does!'

'You.. you are right. I care about you, Hermione. And I do get jealous when you spend time with other boys.'

'I want you to choose me. Not Viktor.'

I care about him a lot. But what happens when he sees me as just a nerd? Viktor is really kind, but I barely have a connection with him.

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