A Dog's World

By  Nish
Published on   15, 2022

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You are a loyal Golden Retriever named Buddy and your loving master and owner is a young man named James.

Start To Test

James calls out to you.

Hey Buddy! Come here, boy!

That's you!

I better go to my master. I bet he has a treat for me!

You happily run over to your master. He pets you and gives you a little treat.

There you go, boy. Listen, we're going for a little trip okay?

I hope we're going to the dog park! I love that place!

Hey Buddy, be a good boy and get into this crate, will you?

Oh no! I hate the crate!

You decide to:

Obey James and get into the crate.
Bark and growl; refuse to go in!

Wait a moment, your result is coming soon