A Twisted Fate: Lesbian Love Story

By  Veronica
Published on   Jan 14, 2022

Test instructions:

You are Angela. You are on a blind date.

You are sitting in restaurant, waiting to meet Taylor, someone you’ve been chatting with on a dating app.

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I am so nervous. What if he is totally weird in real life?

A beautiful girl walks into the restaurant who chatted with the hostess before walking towards you.

Taylor: Hello, I’m Taylor.

Angela: Uhhh, hiii… I’m Angela.

Taylor: Woah, you look nothing like I imagined a ‘DarkAngel’ to be!

Angela: What are you talking about?

Taylor: Forget it. Have you been waiting long?

Angela: Um-no, just a few minutes. Sorry if I’m awkward. This is totally new to me.

Taylor: That’s fine, honey. I think it’s charming.

The waitress comes to take your order and Taylor orders for both of you. She orders your favorite dish.

Angela: How did you know I liked spaghetti?

Taylor: I just had a feeling.

So, what do you do?

Angela: I work at a bank. You?

Taylor: I manage an art gallery.

Angela: An art gallery, how awesome. I used to paint in college.

Taylor: I bet you’re a talented artist!

The rest of the date goes very nicely. You still have your inhibitions about dating a girl, but you find her very attractive.

She kissed your cheek goodbye when the date ended and now you are in your bed, thinking about what to do next…

Plan another outing with her.
Wait for her to reach out.

You call Taylor. She picks up after one ring.

Taylor: Hey, beautiful!

Angela: Hey! Uh- I was thinking if we could meet again… sometime this week?

Taylor: I would love to see you again. How about you come over to the art gallery on Saturday?

Angela: Okay. See you then.

You close your eyes and try to go to sleep. Your phone rings shortly.

Angela: Hello?

Taylor: Hi, baby! It’s me. I was wondering if you would come see me at my art gallery this Saturday?

Angela: Um…

Taylor: Just as friends?

Angela: Sure, why not?

The rest of the week goes by quickly. You are nervous about Saturday, but also thrilled to see her again. When you arrive, she gives you a tour of the art gallery.

Taylor: So, which one’s your favorite?

Angela: Probably the one with the old woman. The colors, the details on her face, the contrasting elements… Simply breath-taking!

Taylor: You have a keen eye. Why did you stop painting?

Open up to her.
Change the subject.
Bluntly say it’s not her business.

Angela: My dad was against it, he said he didn’t want me to waste my life chasing a fantasy.

Taylor: Whoa, that’s rough. I hope you start painting again.

Angela: It’s in the past. Never mind! Which painting is your favorite?

Taylor: I liked the one with the little children. But I wonder why you won’t open up…

Angela: It’s none of your business.

Taylor: Jeez, relax. I was just asking…

You two bond over art. In the coming weeks, she encourages you to start sketching again, and you even sketch a rough picture of her.

One day, there’s a knock on your door. You open up and see a man.

Taylor: Hi, are you Angela?

Angela: Yes. Who are you?

Taylor: I’m Taylor…

Angela: What?? Then who’s the Taylor I’ve been hanging out with…?!

Taylor: You must be wondering what I’m doing here… Just hear me out. I went back to the restaurant last night and they told me they had mixed up the reservations a few weeks back because they were two Taylors that night, can you believe it? Apparently, you and that other Taylor were put on the same table while I waited for an hour thinking you stood me up.

Angela: When in reality… the…. other Taylor got stood up.

Taylor: Exactly. The restaurant was so apologetic they gave me your address.

Angela: What do you think… we should do now?

Taylor: I don’t know… I really enjoyed chatting with you… But it’s up to you what you want to do.

You drive over to Taylor’s house and tell her everything.

Taylor: Look, I don’t care how we met and I don’t care that you’re not ‘DarkAngel’. I really like you.

Angela: I.. I feel the same way. But…

Taylor: But? But, what? Angela, it’s not that hard. Do you like me?

Angela: I never thought I’d find another woman attractive but… She’s still a girl. What should I do?

Choose the male Taylor.
Embrace a lesbian romantic bond with Taylor.
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