The Red Scarf

By  Nish
Published on   Jan 11, 2022

Test instructions:

You received a scholarship offer a week ago, so you'll be off to college in the summer.

This means that you only have a few more months at the orphanage.

This also means that you'll have to leave your best friend Jane behind when you go. You are not thrilled about this.

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You allow yourself to cry yourself to sleep, quietly so as to not wake anyone up.

The tears flow steadily down your face as you think about everyone and everything that you lost two years ago.

Suddenly, a beam of light enters your room through the window.

Hmm... that's odd.

What do you do?

Check it out
Stay in bed

Curious, you approach the window to check out the source of the light.

You ignore the light and continue to cry.

But... the light starts to flicker and go up and down.

What's happening?

Uhm... I guess I should just go and find out what that light is.

It's your best friend Jane, standing outside in the cold, waving a torch around!

You quickly wipe your tears and call out to her.

Jane? Jane! What are you doing out there?

Emily! Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?


Why are you outside instead of asleep inside? You know Mrs. Timothy will punish you for going out past our curfew! Come inside soon!

Mrs. Timothy was going to punish me anyway... she caught me skipping kitchen duty.

I skipped to get ready for our adventure!

But why would you skip?! We can't just go on some adventure!

Jane, what's going on?

Look, Emily. I know you're sad today because it's the day you lost your family two years ago.

But, it's also your birthday! And I would be a bad friend if I let you be sad today.

So... are you coming down to join me?

You smile and think to yourself:

Sometimes I forget how sweet Jane can be...

So, are you going down to meet Jane?

Yes, I'll go down to meet her.
No, it's too dangerous!

I'm sorry Jane! I can't. It's too risky.

Oh, come on! Emily, do this for yourself! You need to lighten up and have some fun. Pleeease?

You can't remember the last time you had fun.

I guess some adventure could be good for me...

Alright! Fine! Since you made an effort, I'll come along. Let me grab my jacket and I'll meet you out there.

You meet Jane outside and you begin walking.

The air is chilly and you huddle together for warmth as you keep moving forward.

So... Jane. What adventure do you have planned for us tonight?

We are going to find Mrs. Williams!

You remember her, right?

She was our previous guardian at the orphanage.

What? You mean, the same Mrs. Williams who has been missing for months?

The police declared her dead, Jane.

I know... but a part of me feels that she's not dead.

I believe we can find her! We have to try, at least!

Could we even find her in one night?

Jane, you didn't even like her. You always made fun of her red scarf and told her she looked like Red Riding Hood when she wore it!

Yeah, I know, but Mrs. Williams was still a better guardian than Mrs. Timothy is.

Mrs. Williams didn't treat us like prisoners and didn't hate us like Mrs. Timothy clearly does.

Besides, I'm not saying that we definitely can find her tonight, but it's worth a shot!

This is crazy!

Ever since Mrs. Williams disappeared, we were warned not to be outside this late and you want us to go on an adventure to track the woman down?

Oh, relax!

I've got the police on speed dial AND I found out Mrs. Williams' last known location!

Last known location... wow! You definitely made yourself busy today.

Fine, fine! I guess since we're already on our way...

Yay! That's my girl.

Alright, we're almost here.

You walk for several more minutes and arrive at the local cemetery.

You are TERRIFIED of cemeteries.

Uhm... why are we standing outside the cemetery?

Because... we have to go inside.

This cemetery was Mrs. Williams' last known location!

Turns out she was visiting someone's grave here when she went missing.

Come on, let's go!

Jane wants you to go into the cemetery.

What do you say?

Okay, let's go in.
I can't go in.

What? Why not? I promise we won't stay there for too long.

We're just going to snoop around to see if the cops missed any clues.

What makes you think WE can find anything new when the cops haven't been able to?

Because, we're motivated because we hate Mrs. Timothy and want her out. We're desperate!

Also, the cops don't know Mrs. Williams like we do.

Now, come on!

I cannot believe that I'm agreeing to this.

Alright, let's go in before I change my mind.

You and Jane quietly enter the cemetery.

You can hardly see as the thick fog is everywhere.

You walk in fear and feel as if the tombstones are all pointing towards you.

Jane, I'm scared!

This place is super creepy.

Well, at least you're not moping in your room. Fear is definitely a better emotion than sadness.

Well, you're unbelievable but you're right. The only thing on my mind right now is surviving the night!

Shh... look around for clues!

Jane walks toward a pile of leaves.

She shines her light on a red item beneath the pile of leaves. She kicks the leaves away to reveal a red scarf.

Whoa... That looks like Mrs. Williams' scarf! Do you think it's hers?

You're about to pick up the scarf when you hear some loud footsteps.

Your senses are heightened and your heart begins to beat very fast.

What do you do next?

Scream for help!
Look for a hiding spot.

You drag Jane with you towards a huge tombstone and hide behind it.

You try to look from where you're hiding, to catch a glimpse of the person walking around.

The footsteps become louder and you notice that Jane's fiddling with her phone.

Your legs start to shake in fear.

Jane's phone flashlight suddenly turns on.

She frantically tries to turn it off.

Dammit! This thing isn't turning off!

You open your mouth to scream, but Jane stops you.

Whoever who's out there will find us if you scream. Be quiet, let's try to leave without getting caught first.

The flashlight is still going crazy.

She loses control and drops the phone.

The light shines for a moment on a figure in the distance.

You both look at the person, trying to identify them.

You stare in shock as you see your guardian, Mrs. Timothy, with a shovel!

Oh god, it's Mrs. Timothy! What's she doing here?

Mrs. Timothy notices you and locks eyes with you.

She walks in large strides and before you know it, she's dragging you out from behind the tombstone.

She holds you by your arm and brandishes her shovel in her other hand.

What are you nosy hooligans doing here?

How do you respond?

We were... sleepwalking!
We're looking for a friend!

Sleepwalking? To a cemetery? TOGETHER?

Yes...? We do that a lot.

Oh please. Give it up, tell me the truth NOW!

Looking for a friend, eh. In a cemetery at the dead of night? Is your friend a ghost?

Y-yes! We're visiting the gravestone of a mutual friend...who passed away recently.

Mrs. Timothy's hand tightens around the shovel.

She looks like she's going to hit you with it.

Jane jumps in front of you.

Alright! We were looking for Mrs. Williams, okay?

Although, we'd like to know what YOU'RE doing out here with a shovel...?

Mrs. Timothy smiles evilly.

Looking for Mrs. Williams! Oh, I can help!

Let me take you right to her.

She raises her shovel. She's about to hit you and you're sure the blow will kill you.

Suddenly, a policeman runs from out of the shadows, kicks the shovel out of her hand and pins Mrs. Timothy to the ground.

Which one of you placed the 911 call?

Jane steps up.

I did, officer!

She looks at you with a sly smile.

Told you I have 911 on speed dial! If only my flashlight didn't give us away!

You're a genius! I love you!

You can't believe you and Jane are alive, as you turn around to answer the policeman's questions.

After you answer the policeman's questions, you're escorted to the orphanage.

An hour later, the policeman returns and tells you that Mrs. Timothy confessed to killing Mrs. Williams!

She was in the cemetery to look for Mrs. Williams' red scarf and bury it with the body.

The policeman also has a surprise for you and Jane.

You girls really impressed me out there. If you're interested, I can offer you two scholarships to the police academy.

Training starts in a few months.

Jane jumps to her feet.

What? Yes, yes! I accept! Thank you so much!

Emily has to go to college, so she probably won't come.

You realize that Jane wants you there, and that you have one final choice to make.

But, you also realize that you never wanted to go to college anyway, you just wanted to get out of the orphanage.

You decide to make Jane's day.

Well, if it's alright with you, Jane, I'd love to annoy you for the next few years at the police academy.

Let's go be detectives together!

Really? You want to stay with me for the next few years? Even though I'm going to annoy you every single day?

Well, best friend, I for one can't wait to take you to more cemeteries and find more red scarves!

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