Our Little Castle

By  Sarah
Published on   Dec 30, 2021

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You’re Liya, you have a live-in partner, Sevi. Are you ready to face every challenge together?

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Time ticked by as you paced around your house waiting for Sevi. It was eight in the evening, but he was still outside. It took him four hours to buy some of his favorite drinks at the nearby store.

What’s taking him so long? How hard is it to buy a couple of drinks near here? He better not be going somewhere else! He’s gonna get it when he arrives!

Suddenly, the sound of the door opening stopped your pacing and you turn to see him.

Hi, love. Have you eaten?

You decided to say:

What took you so long, Sevi?
Don't talk to me, you freak!

I bought a couple drinks, love. Didn't I tell you that? But then-

I am serious, Sevi! Do not lie to me. I know you went somewhere else!

Love, I was supposed to tell you that. Can you please let me explain?

He started telling you what happened.

His friend Alex arrived from the States and unexpectedly called him on his way home. They chatted a little because they hadn't seen each other for a year. They drank some and the conversation went well, so it took him hours to get home.

Why? What did I do wrong, love?

Ask the sky!


You left him standing there, clueless. But it felt so refreshing to make him suffer while thinking about something he didn't even know the answer to, just like him leaving you wondering where he was.

You angrily paced back and forth, wanting badly to punch him in the face. Suddenly, an idea stopped you from taking another step. As you imagined how he would react to your plan, a grin formed on your face.

As part of the plan, before Sevi could open the door to the bedroom, you quickly locked the door. He knocked three times before asking you to open it.

Love, please open the door.

But you didn’t answer, just sat on your bed arms crossed.

Love, I'm sorry. Please let me in, I want to sleep.

You choose:

Tell him how mad you are to make him feel more guilty.
Give silent treatment to make the plan more effective.

I don't want to talk to you right now, please, leave me alone, Sevi.

I'm sorry, love. I’ll never do it again. Take your time, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I love you.

You felt guilty about it, but your anger overpowered your guilt.

Totally silent, you went near the door to listen when he spoke.

Fine, I'm sorry. I won’t force you to talk to me right now. Good night, I love you.

Sevi was on the couch sleeping peacefully when he woke to a strange, creepy, sizzling noise. Sevi didn't pay attention to it, thinking it might just be the neighbor’s cat.

But when his blanket was suddenly pulled down out of nowhere, he shot up off the couch.

Sevi chooses to:

Go back to sleep. It’s just cats.
Look around to find the cause.

Sevi picked the blanket up from the floor and fixed his pillow, preparing to sleep again, not minding the noise he heard. He laid down facing the ceiling and closed his eyes.

Minutes later, he felt someone watching him. He opened his eyes, only to see the spooky face of a pale lady with long hair standing in front of him.



He screamed like a terrified girl, which made the pale woman laugh, a laugh which made him realize it was you trying to scare him.

Sevi went to see if you were already asleep. As he walked down the hallway, he thought there was a strange figure of a woman behind him.

He turned but didn’t see anything. He checked if the bedroom door was locked, it opened easily but as he opened the door a pale, spooky woman welcomed him inside.

He screamed like a terrified girl, making you laugh. Hearing your laugh, he realized it was you.


The next day, Sevi was still upset over your prank. You looked for him to apologize, but you couldn't find him. Proceeding to the kitchen, you saw messy plates in the sink. It seemed like he had made his own breakfast.

You felt hungry, so you decided to cook yourself something, but when you opened the kitchen cabinet, all your pans were placed on the higher shelf making them hard to reach since you’re only 5'0.

Argh! He did this! Does he think I’ll beg for his help? Nah. He’s testing me, huh? Let's see.

You got some markers and walked to the garage, where you saw Sevi, drinking a cup of coffee while smiling to annoy you. To annoy him back, you smiled and walked near his car.

His eyes widened as you started writing on his car using the markers.

LIYA! What are you doing? Stop!

HAHAHAHA catch me if you can!

He started to chase you, but you ran fast around the car. As you ran, you continued vandalizing his car. He suddenly stopped, glared at you and walked inside the house.

You decided to:

Follow him inside.
Act normal and mind your own business.

You followed him inside the house, but something was wrong. He was messing around with your cosmetics!

Why the hell did you do that? Oh my gosh!

Catch me if you can. HAHAHA.

You went to the kitchen and washed the ink off your hands from the markers. Noticing the silence, you wonder where Sevi is.

You went to the bedroom and almost cried upon seeing him cutting your expensive bags.

What are you doing? Sevi, stop it!

Who cares?

You angrily grab a pillow and aggressively hit him with it. He dropped your bags, got a pillow and hit you back.

For the next 10 minutes, you two pillow fight until, breathing heavily, you collapse onto the floor, full of feathers from the pillows. When your eyes met, laughter filled the room.

You're so childish, haha.

You’re freaking annoying.

I'm sorry I stayed out late.

I'm sorry about last night and your car.

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