Verindel: Carissa's Secret

By  Samantha
Published on   Dec 28, 2021

Test instructions:

You are finally here at the Academy of Faeridge. Your first class is about to start.

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'My schedule says my first class is magical creatures... I think that's in room 12B.'

You walk towards room 12B. You see a young elf blocking the entrance talking to his friends. You push past him and he eyes you up and down.

Just ignore him.
Get out of the way

'Watch yourself, little elf.'

'Bite me, you dolt.'

The elf simply chuckles as you walk away and find your seat.

'What a bunch of jerks.'

Inside is a very old looking human wizard. The class begins.

'Welcome to Magical Creatures, young elves and humans!'

You breathe a sigh of relief. The wizard has no idea that you're a half-orc. All you have to do is keep your orc-strength and poison resistance hidden...

He starts talking about various magical creatures that live around Verindel and their properties. You try to focus during class but the guy from the hallway kept staring at you. During roll call you find out that his name is Braghae.

'Braghae, huh? Vain.'

'Your first assignment is to find out the properties of a blue Faeridge butterfly. The first to report their findings will earn extra credit!'

Your eyes instinctively went to Braghae. You can see from the look in his eyes; the race is on. Braghae runs out of the classroom after briefly locking eyes with you and giving you a wry smile.

Go to the archives to see if you can read about the blue Faeridge butterfly.
Catch a blue Faeridge butterfly and perform an experiment.

You find the archives. You find an old book called 'The Butterflies and Moths of the Ridge of Fae'. As you try to pull it out, the bookshelf begins to fall towards you!

'Oh no!'

You instinctively raise your hands to stop the bookshelf. You manage to lift it up over your head with superhuman strength! As you put the bookshelf down, you see Braghae out of the corner of your eye. You turn to face him and he quickly slips away.

'You! Come back!'

But he is gone. You sigh and decide to just look through the book and worry about him later. You write down your findings about the butterfly.

You decide to leave the archives.

You take a small vial of saltwater with you and take it into the Faeridge woods to find a blue butterfly. As you finally see one fluttering around near a pond next to a hill, you see that a huge rock is rolling towards you!

'Oh dear!'

You try to think of a spell that would work but nothing comes to mind. You resort to stopping it with your bare hands! Using your orc-strength, you stop and lift the rock. You look around to see if anyone saw you. At the top of the hill, you see Braghae looking down at you. He runs away when your eyes met.

'You! Come back!'

But he is long gone. You sigh and decide to just catch the butterfly and perform an experiment and write down your findings.

You decide to go back to the Academy.

As you're trying to find Aetherius, you run into Braghae.

'Hey little 'elf' girl. Pretty strong, huh?'

'What do you want?'

'Oh nothing... I just want to know how such a cute little girl can lift something so heavy.'

'Crap! How do I reply?'

"I used magic to lift it."
"I'm a half-orc, ok? and I can break you into two if I feel like it!"

'I find that hard to believe. There's no way you know a spell that powerful. You're a half-orc mongrel!'

'You have no proof of that!'

'I knew it, all orcs are violent savages. The entire academy will hear about this.'

'No one will ever believe you!”

Braghae scoffs and walks away. It takes you a long time to find Aetherius. When you found him, news about your orc-strength is already buzzing. You find Aetherius leaving the coffee room.

'Sir Aetherius! I have my findings here.'

'Oh, very good. I'll make sure you get your extra credit. But I have something important to ask you.'

'Oh no... What is this?'

'What is it sir?'

'I've realized that some students and faculty members have been saying things about you. I know your father is an elf. But is mother also an elf? Where is she now?'

You put a hand over your pendant that you use to contact your orc mother. You decide to tell Aetherius a little lie.

"Yes, she's also an elf. She just lives away from my father."
"She's dead. She died while giving birth to me."

'Is that so? From what I know, elves rarely divorce.”

'Well, things happen. I need to go now!'

'Is that so? I heard that Elven midwives are notoriously good.”

'Umm... She’s a rare case. I don't know much about it. Sorry, I have to go!'

You run off before Aetherius starts asking more questions. As you try to find your next lecture, you notice that everyone whispers about you. While you're walking across a courtyard, you see Braghae in the middle of it. He stops you in your tracks.

'You! Orc mongrel! Your kind is not welcome here!'

Some people nearby laugh. A crowd begins to form.

'I don't have time for your accusations, Braghae. Leave me alone!'

'And we have no tolerance for disgusting beasts like you in our academy! Duel me now, or go back to your pack of orcs!'

'He really won't leave me alone; I have to do something!'

Agree to the duel and use your magical abilities to defeat him.
Agree to the duel and use your bare hands to defeat him.


You throw a small firebolt at him but he dodges.

He throws a bolt of lightning at you but you easily deflect it away.

You exchange a few more projectiles until you see a sly glint in Braghae's eyes. As he's casting a lightning spell, he throws a poison dart at you! You are struck by the poison dart!

'Oh, useless. But I have to pretend to be hurt.'

You act like it hurts a lot, hunching over and groaning. As Braghae raises his hands and waits for the crowd to cheer, you catch your opportunity. You throw a small firebolt at him that sets his hair on fire!

He runs off screaming. The crowd cheers for Carissa!

I have to keep acting like I'm poisoned!

You fake a cough as Aetherius runs into the courtyard. He casts an antidote spell on you.

'I'm so sorry I doubted you, my girl. You're clearly not a half-orc!'

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'Oh yeah? Come at me!'

You bare your sharp teeth and run towards Braghae. He becomes scared and he struggles to prepare a single spell.

You grab him by his collar and lift him. Everyone gasps.

'Let me down!!'

You lift him over your knee and let him fall onto it. A loud crack is heard as he lands on the floor. The courtyard is silent. A few students hurry away.

Oh no, did I go too far?

Aetherius rushes into the courtyard.

'You! Out! Now! How dare you do such a thing on academy grounds! You beast. You're not welcome here!'

Before you can say anything, Aetherius teleported you outside. You find yourself disoriented and dazed. You grasp your pendant and whisper a spell. Soon you can hear the soothing voice of your mother and you see her in a small portal that lets you two speak.

'What's wrong?'

“I'm sorry, mother. They kicked me out...'

'Why did they do that, my sweet cub?'

'Some elf boy was attacking me, and I used my strength to show him a lesson. I'm sorry...'

You see that your mother, Agrash, is very angry.

'You should NEVER be sorry for your orc blood, my child. Perhaps I should also teach that academy a lesson.'

'What do you mean mother?'

'We will burn that academy to the ground for what they've done.'

With a determined look on your face, you nod at your mother and she closes the portal. In just a few days you're by her side in a war approaching the academy.

'Are you ready?'

'Yes, it's time this place gets what it deserved.'

'Well then, let's ride!'

You, Agrash, and a huge army of orcs swarm the academy. The academy's aging professors and inexperienced students are no match for the battlemages and huntresses of your tribe. Soon enough, the entire academy is burned to the ground.

“Looks like we're done here. You did very well. You are very welcome to be a battlemage.”

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