A New Year Murder

By  Samantha
Published on   Dec 28, 2021

Test instructions:

Your holiday break had just started. Your best friend, Melissa, suggested getting coffee on the way home.

When you arrived, the coffee shop was already full, but you were able to secure a table. You ordered a vanilla latte and a round cake.

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While you and Melissa were busy eating and talking, two boys approached you.

'Hello, ladies. Do you mind if we share the table?”

You were hesitant at first, but Melissa was quick to respond on your behalf.

'Not at all! Feel free to join us.'

'Thank you so much. We had no idea that it’s going to be full today. By the way, I am Tyler, and we attend the same university.'

'I’m Nicholas. Don't you know who I am? I'm the quarterback of our school's football team.'

'I think this is the first time we've met, I am Carol.'

'I’m Melissa. Nice to meet you.'

You exchanged handshakes. Tyler and Melissa got along since they have similar personalities, while Nicholas was tolerable but quite arrogant.

'Would you want some cake? Melissa and I cannot finish this anyway.”

'Thank goodness you asked, I'd been eyeing it for a while,' Tyler joked.

You gave him a slice and were going to offer Nicholas when he stopped you.

'No, thank you. I'm not a big fan of sweets, especially cakes. You know, I need to keep my body in shape as a star athlete.'

'Ah, right. How could I forget?'

The four of you talked some more until you noticed that it was getting late. You bid each other goodbye.

“By the way, we’d like to invite you to Nicholas’ house on the 31st for a little New Year celebration. We do this with our friends every year, and you might want to join us.”

You decide:

Agree to attend.
Let Melissa decide for the two of you.

“Of course! Just let us know the details.”

“Great! Here's my phone number.”

You exchanged numbers with the two and then parted ways.

“What do you think, Melissa?”

“I have nothing planned for the 31st, so I can come. You're going, aren't you?”

“I'll come if you do.”

“That's fantastic! So, see you on the 31st?”

Before you left, they added you on your social accounts for easier communication.

You came a little late on the party because Melissa took her time getting ready. You notified Nicholas and Tyler that you were already outside the house. Tyler came out to fetch you.

'We’re sorry for being late. Melissa was quite sluggish.'

'I'm sorry, I was too busy getting tokens for everyone.'

'No worries, the party is only getting started.'

Nicholas approached you as soon as he saw you.

'Hey, Carol and Melissa! It's great to have you here. Guys, these are Carol and Melissa. We ran into them in a coffee shop near the campus last time.'

You smiled and said hello to others, whom you guessed were Nicholas and Tyler's friends. Tyler and Melissa excused themselves to talk.

“Carol, do you want to join us? We’re playing.”

Join them.
Just sit back and let them play.

The group was playing the usual spin-the-bottle, and everyone was having a good time until the bottle pointed to another guest, Liam.

“I challenge you to amuse us, Liam. You're not that dull and lame, are you?”

You were taken aback when Liam grabbed Nicholas by the collar.

“Calm down, dude! You're only showing how dull and pathetic you are.”

'Nicholas, that's enough. You know he doesn’t like that, why would you force him?”

“Chill! Alright, I’m sorry dude.”

You reasoned that it would be best to just sit back and let them play. You were enjoying your own company when you heard another guest, Liam, and Nicholas raising their voices.

You watched their other friends get in between them.

“Nicholas, let's just have some good time.”

“Okay, I’m sorry dude.”

The mood became tense after that. When Melissa returned, you told her what happened.

'Why would Nicholas act that way towards Liam?'

'Maybe that’s just how Nicholas is.'

Fortunately, Nicholas' mother came out of the kitchen to bring you cake and coffee.

'Have some snacks first, everyone; I'm still making our main dish. I’m sorry Nicholas, would a cup of coffee be enough for you for now?'

“Of course, mom. You know I'd rather drink my coffee alone than eat it with anything sweet.”

Everyone was enjoying the snacks prepared by Nicholas’ mother. Tyler initiated a new conversation which brightened the atmosphere.

“Does anyone have a cigarette?”


Liam handed a stick to Nicholas and Nicholas went out of the house. You found it weird that earlier they were almost at each other’s throats but now they are acting friendly again.

The night went on and the celebration continued. You mingled with other people at the party and got to know them better.

Not long after, Nicholas’ mother asked Tyler about Nicholas' whereabouts.

“He went out to smoke a while ago, Mara. But I’ll go check on him.”

“AAAAH! Help!”

Everyone was startled when you heard Tyler screaming for help.

You decide:

Go and check.
Ask Melissa to check what happened.

Everyone hurried outside to see what was going on. You were shocked to witness Tyler crying while looking at Nicholas’ body on the ground.

“Somebody, please call the cops! He’s not breathing anymore.”

You rushed back inside and found Nicholas’ mother crying as she sees her son’s lifeless body.

You grabbed your phone and called the emergency numbers.

“Melissa, isn’t that Tyler? What’s happening?”

Melissa stood up promptly.

“Stay here. I’ll check what’s going on.”

The rest of the guests started to flock outside to check why Tyler was shouting. You were anxious, but you patiently waited for Melissa.

Melissa was in disbelief when she returned.

“Nicholas is dead! Tyler found his body outside.”

Nicholas’ mother held both of your arms tightly.

“What do you mean my son is dead?”

“I’m sorry, Mara. We must call for the cops and the ambulance now.”

Nicholas’ mother started crying and went outside to check on her son.

When the cops were finally contacted, Mara went straight to the kitchen. You and Melissa followed her thinking that she might need someone to console her.

“You can leave me now. I’ll just fix everything here. I need some time alone.”

“I’m sorry. Tell us if you need anything, we’re here for you.”

She continued washing the dishes as the two of you retreated back to the living room.

When the police arrived, it was confirmed that Nicholas was murdered. You felt chills run through your spine as you realized that someone from your group might be the killer.

Everyone was asked to comply with the cops. After a moment of interrogation, everyone was requested to stay.

“For Tyler, Liam, and Mara, please come with us. We need to interrogate you further.”

You choose:

Speculate who the suspect is.
Wait for the suspect to be revealed.
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