Destined To Love You

By  Selina
Published on   Dec 23, 2021

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Test instructions:

You are Pam.

It is a typical day at work.

You work as a software engineer.

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You walk into the office and sit at your desk. James is sitting across from you. You have had a crush on him for a year.

God! James is looking so hot today!

'Hey James! You look great.'

'Thanks, Pam. Always do.'

Sheila, the hottest girl in the office, walks towards your table. She eyes James.

'Hi James! You look handsome.'

'Thanks, Sheila. Means a lot coming from you! You look amazing as always.'

He has a new girlfriend every month. I guess now he's decided on Sheila.

'Hey, Pam! I was wondering if you could have lunch with my brother Henry.'


'Well, actually, I was thinking of taking Sheila out on a date, but I was supposed to meet with my brother. I don't want him to have lunch alone.'

You say..

"Deal with it yourself. I'm busy."
"OK, I'll have lunch with him."

'Please, Pam. I really want your help.'

'Sorry, I'm busy.'

'He's a really great guy. I'll introduce the two of you, then you can decide.'

'Um, OK, fine. But I'm only doing it for you!'

'Thank you!'

'Thanks, Pam. You are just awesome!'

'Yeah, I know. You're welcome.'

'I'll introduce the two of you. You will love him.'

But I love you!

During the lunch break, you and James go to a nearby restaurant to meet Henry. He looks very elegant and sweet.

'Hi, I'm Henry. You must be Pam.'

He looks so good. Maybe even better than James?


'So, if Pam's OK with it, you two should have lunch together… I'm taking this gorgeous girl from work out on a date.'

Maybe if I seem to enjoy my time with Henry, James could get jealous.

'Of course, I'm OK with it. Let's have lunch, Henry.'

'You seem excited.'

James is shocked. But then he leaves for his date. You and Henry sit at a table for lunch.

'So, you are a software engineer?'

'Yes. What do you do?'

'I'm a lawyer. But tell me more about your work. It sounds exciting.'

'Umm-okay. No one's ever been interested in my work, actually.'

'Then you haven't met many decent people, I guess.'

You both laugh.

'You look gorgeous when you laugh, Pam. I'd like to make you laugh more.'

The lunch goes perfectly. You go back to your office.

'So, how was lunch with my brother Henry?'


Brag about Henry.
"It was OK. Someday I'd like to have lunch with you."

'It was amazing. Your brother is so handsome and talented.'

'Wow, you are impressed by him!'

'Of course. Why wouldn't I be?! He's a lawyer.'

'Yeah, I guess.'

'Um, OK. Maybe.'

'I will remember this.'

'You're lovely, Pam.'

'So, how was your lunch with Sheila?'

'It was decent.'

'Only decent? I thought it would be amazing.'

'Sheila's not that nice, actually.'


The next day, Henry sends you flowers at work.

'Oh My God! They are so beautiful. I have never been sent flowers.'

'Henry likes you a lot, I guess.'

'He is the best. I guess I like him too.'

James looks angry but says nothing. Later he gives you a box of chocolates.

'Henry gave me roses. And now you're giving me chocolates? It's not my birthday.'

'But every day should be celebrated. A girl like you deserves it!'

Is he just jealous? Or does he really like me?

You say:

"Why are you really treating me so nicely?"
"A girl like me? What does that mean?"

'I don't know. You're always so lovely to me.'

'But why today? You could've done this a week ago. '

'Better late than never? I just want to appreciate you. You're adorable, and I think I kinda ignored you earlier.'

'You know, gorgeous, sexy, kind… you're the whole package, Pam.'

'You never used those words to define me earlier.'

'Well, let's just say I was blind back then. And now I can see.'

'So, you think Henry is excellent… what do you think of me?'

'You're great too. You know that.'

'Hmm, I'm sorry I didn't…notice you, appreciate you… earlier.'

'It's... Okay.'

A few days later, Henry invites you to a party at his law firm. You go there, and he introduces you to all his colleagues. Later you two have drinks.

'This is fun, Henry. Thanks for inviting me.'

'I wouldn't have invited anyone else to be my date.'

'Wait a minute, this was a date?'

'I'd like to think so. Because I like you.'

'Well, I like you too. But I didn't really think we were…'

'I want you to think that. Is there someone else in your life?'

"Yes, I like your brother."
"I don't think I should tell you."

'Oh, I did not know that. But I guess I should've known from the way you looked at him the first time we met.'

'Nothing's going on. I like him, and I don't think he likes me back.'

'What a fool! Only an idiot wouldn't take you as a girlfriend.'

'You're kind to say that.'

'I just want you to know, I really like you. I'll wait… in case, you know, you don't want my brother.'

'I'll keep that in mind.'

'OK, but then I guess there is someone.'

'I don't think he likes me back.'

'What an utter fool! Well, I like you. Always will. Just know that I am here… for you.'

'Yeah, thanks.'

You go home and think all night about Henry. The next day as you are working, Henry comes to your office to see you.

'What are you doing here?'

'I came to see Pam.'

'Hi, Henry.'

'I need to tell you something, Pam. Before it's too late. I love you. I am sorry that I wasn't like this before, but I know what I want now. And it's you.'


'I can see Henry, and you bond so well… And I've never seen him be so interested in a girl. So, I know what he wants. But I want you to understand all your options. Before you choose….'

'You only say all this because you're jealous. I don't think you ever cared for her till I did.'

'That's not true. She was one of my closest friends, even before I started feeling like this for her.'

'Hey, don't fight.'

I need to make a decision.

Choose Henry
Choose James

'James, I appreciate everything you've ever done for me. But Henry is who I want.'



'It's because of Sheila and all of my other girlfriends, right?'

'I don't know. Maybe. But perhaps, it's just how you never cared for me as Henry did. You were a little late, I guess.'

'Yeah. I hope you two have a happy future.'

'We will. I will be the best boyfriend she's ever had.'

'James, I always liked you.'


'I guess I saw this coming.'

'Henry, you have given me some beautiful memories. You treated me so nicely. But I love James.'

'I know, Pam. I hope you have a happy future with him. Treat her right, James. Or else….'

'I will, brother. You don't have to worry about it.'

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