A Holiday Mishap: A Christmas Romance

By  Samantha
Published on   Dec 22, 2021

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Your dog goes missing on Christmas Eve. What will happen when you bump into a charming stranger? Will you find your dog and new love, or will it be a Christmas miracle?

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It’s Christmas Eve. You feel a jingle in your heart as you hang the last ornament on your Christmas tree.

Holly: That’s the last one!

Narrator: You plug in the twinkle lights, stepping back to admire the Christmas tree.

Holly: Oh, it’s so dazzling! What do you think, Ella?

Ella, your best friend, pops her head from the kitchen.

Ella: What did you say?

Holly: Come and see the Christmas tree!

Ella: Give me a minute!

Ella comes into the living room, holding a plateful of cookies.

Ella: It’s so charming! We’re finally ready for Christmas!

Holly: …

Yes, the tree lights up the whole room!
Hmm, those cookies smell so delicious!

Holly: All that is left are presents under the tree, and stockings by the hearth!

Ella: We’ll get to that right away before Christmas morning!

Ella: It’s my grandmother’s gingerbread secret recipe. She used to bake it every Christmas.

You inhale the aroma of the cookies.

Holly: Okay, you will have to share the recipe with me. It smells so heavenly!

Ella offers you a plateful of gingerbread cookies.

Ella: Dig in!

You take a bite, and you immediately can’t help but remark:

Holly: It scrumptious!

Ella: Thank you! I’m so proud of my baking skills.

Ella: You know, maybe, I should try out for the annual Christmas baking contest.

Holly: Ella, that’s a great idea! I think you have a chance in winning.

Ella: You really think so?

Holly: Of course! Your Christmas cookies taste so good!

Ella: Then I’ll give it a try!

You sigh contentedly as you collapse into a sofa, biting into another cookie, while Ella returns to the kitchen.

Holly: I think Bacon would like to have these cookies.

You look around.

Holly: Ella, where is Bacon?

Ella: I thought he was with you.

Holly: …

But I thought he was with you!
I haven’t seen him for a while now.

Holly: He left me when I was decorating the Christmas tree and went into the kitchen.

Holly: I assumed he was with you!

Ella: No. Bacon never came into the kitchen.

Ella: If he did, he wouldn’t be able to resist my cookies!

Holly: He was helping me pass the decorations while I hung them on the Christmas tree.

Holly: Now, I can’t really remember where he went!

Ella: Maybe you should look around. He is bound to be nibbling at something somewhere.

Holly: You’re right.

You search every corner around your house but you don’t find Bacon.

Holly: Ella, I can’t find him!

Ella: How about you check outside. Maybe he is playing with some kid.

Holly: That’s a good idea.

You put on a coat and step outside. It’s evening, and the snow is falling softly.

Holly (thought): It looks like snow would be heavy tonight.

Holly (thought): Where could bacon have gone? I don’t want him to catch a cold!

Narrator: You search around the neighbourhood but you still don’t find him. You decide to ask around.

Holly (thought): I should…

Ask the old lady sitting on her porch.
Ask the little boy playing with his dog.

You see an old lady sitting on her porch and go to ask her.

You describe your dog and she tells you she saw it run down the street earlier.

You see a little boy playing ‘fetch’ with his dog. You approach him and describe your dog.

He tells you he saw your dog chasing a cat down the street.

Narrator: An hour later, you still don’t find Bacon.

Holly (thought): Where could he have gone to??

Holly (thought): I don’t want to imagine what might happen to him if he got trapped out in the cold!

Your phone rings and you shuffle it out of your pockets – frustrated – when you mistakenly bump into somebody.

Holly: Sorry!

Guy: It’s fine.

You look up into the eyes of a good-looking guy, who is smiling charmingly at you.

Guy: Be more watchful of where you’re going.

Holly (thought): I should…

Apologize for bumping into him.
Flirt with him.

Holly: I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.

Holly: I was only fumbling for my phone.

Guy: No harm done.

The guy smiles at you before he picks up your phone.

Guy: Here you go.

Holly: Thank you.

You smile back at the guy, tucking a strand of hair behind your hair.

Holly: I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t hurt you.

Guy: Thankfully, no.

Holly: It is not every day that I bump into nice-looking guys.

Guy: You think I’m attractive?

The guy beams at you, while you slyly regard him.

Holly: Probably. Maybe we’re in some rom-com movie and we don’t know it.

The guy laughs.

Guy: Maybe. It’s Christmas after all, miracles happen.

Guy: I’m Archie.

Holly: Holly.

Archie: Well, Holly, your name is festive for sure.

You laugh with the stranger, feeling a strange warmth spread within your chest.

Holly (thought): I wonder what Christmas has in for me…

After you pocket your phone, you search around the street worriedly.

Archie: You look upset.

Holly: I’m looking for my dog. He’s been missing for an hour now, and I don’t know where he is.

Archie: Can you describe him to me? I might have seen him around.

Holly: He’s a West Highland White Terrier.

Archie: Oh! That must have been the dog I rescued earlier.

Holly: Really…?!

Holly: …

Thank you so much!
Where did you find him?!

You clasp your hands, relieved that Bacon is safe.

Holly: Where is he now??

Archie: In my house, with a warm blanket sitting by a fireplace.

Holly: Oh, take me to him! I’m glad he’s okay!

Archie: His foot got stuck under a tree, and he couldn’t get out.

Archie: He was shivering badly when I got to him. I’m glad I found him.

Holly: Oh, thank you!

You hug him excitedly before you realize what you are doing and step back.

Holly: Excuse me for my impulsive behavior.

He regards you with a smile, his eyes twinkling.

Archie: It’s fine. Come on, he’s in my house. I’ll take you to him.

You reach Archie’s house and he invites you in. You see Bacon curled up by the fireplace.

Bacon barks excitedly at you, and you’re overjoyed to see him, safe and sound.

Holly: Bacon!

You stretch out your arms, expectant that’ll he come running to you, but he doesn’t.

Holly: What’s the matter with him? He won’t greet me.

You look to Archie.

Archie: He hurt his foot.

Holly: Oh!

You quickly go to Bacon and curl him on your lap. He whimpers when you raise his wounded paw to the firelight.

Holly: Look what you did to yourself Bacon! Why did you run off?!

Soon, Archie comes back into the living room with two mugs of hot cocoas.

You shouldn’t have.
Thank you once again for rescuing Bacon.

You say thankfully, as you accept a steaming mug from him. You breathe in its aroma.

Holly: Thank you. You’ve done so much for me today.

Archie: I don’t mind doing many more.

You catch Archie’s gaze, which is simmering with a warmth that makes you blush and feel butterflies.

You say gratefully, as you accept a steaming mug from him. The feeling of your fingers brushing against his makes you blush and feel butterflies.

Holly (thought): It’s a Christmas romance…

Archie: Anytime.

Later, you carry your dog, intending to go home.

Holly: Thank you once again, Archie. I would be worried to death if I hadn’t found Bacon.

Holly: I’m glad I bumped into you.

Archie: I’m glad you bumped into me.

Archie smiles. You’re standing so close to him that you can smell his perfume.

Holly (thought): He’s so nice and handsome…

You look up and you see a mistletoe hanging over your heads.

Holly: Oh…!

Archie: Right. I forgot that I hung a mistletoe…

Archie: I guess we’ll have to do it.

You focus to Archie, who is smirking.

Holly (thought): I should…

Kiss him.
Tease him.
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