Love At First Interview - The Final Part (T2)

By  Nidhi
Published on   Dec 18, 2021

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Test instructions:

As you start typing your resignation letter, George walks in your office...

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George: Jenny, I’m sorry for how Sharon treated you earlier.

Jennifer: You weren’t sorry in front of her.

George: Yes, I know. But I have warned her. If she repeats this, she will be fired immediately.

Jennifer: You don’t have to worry about all that. I will leave this job myself…

George: What? No! You can’t do that. You can’t always react so badly.

You say:

What do you mean ‘always’?
I can’t believe you are blaming me for my ‘overreaction’!

George: Oh you know exactly what I’m talking about! Remember high school?

I made one joke about your anger issue and you continued to take its revenge on me for years!!

Jennifer: I was just kidding around!

George: You bullied me, Jenny. You turned everyone against me and made my life miserable.

Jennifer: You’re holding onto THAT! That was a lifetime ago.

George: It wasn’t for me. The first day of high school I looked at you and all I wanted was to be your friend. Everyday since then I’ve asked myself why I ever talked to you.

George: I’m not blaming you. I’m just saying that you always do this. And life doesn’t work like that.

Jennifer: George, what are you talking about?

George: You bullied me every single day of high school. Why? Because I made one tiny joke about your anger issue?

Jennifer: I can’t believe you’re still stuck there. That was YEARS ago!

George: You made me feel miserable for years. Of course I’m still stuck there. How can I ever let it go!

And to think, I wanted to be your friend on the first day of high school.

Jennifer (thought): Wow, I had no clue I had hurt him so much.

Jennifer: George, I really don’t know what to say.

George: I do. I guess I should have plucked up the courage all those years ago and told you the truth.

Jennifer: What truth?

George: I had a crush on you back then. That’s why it hurt so much when you were the one making fun of me. I thought I could put it behind me, but when I saw you in the elevator….

Jennifer: What?

George: It all came back to me. I still have feelings for you.

Jennifer (thought): But his behavior was just the opposite!

Jennifer: If you liked me, why would you treat me so bad?

George: All those emotional wounds, you don’t think I could just forget them, do you? You were in a vulnerable position. I just wanted to make you feel like how I felt. Though you probably never liked me.

Jennifer (thought): It’s been many years. He deserves to know why I did what I did. Perhaps I should tell him the truth...

Open up to him and apologize.
Tell him you don’t care.

Jennifer: Look, I didn’t know back then all the stuff you told me today. I was a stupid teenager with too much going on in her life. My parents were in an unhappy marriage, and I hated my life. I took the frustration out on everyone else, yourself included. And I guess, your little joke may have triggered much more than you intended.

George: I’m so sorry, Jenny. I had no clue….

Jennifer: It’s not your fault. Nothing justifies how I treated you. I am truly sorry.

George: It’s okay, Jenny. I always knew you weren’t a bad person.

Jennifer: I don’t care about all that. I was a teenager. I dealt with my problems, and you should’ve too. Instead of holding all this grudge against me for so long.

George: I-I don’t know what to say.

George: Jennifer, don’t take any rash decisions, please. All I ask is that let’s start fresh. You are hard-working and good at this job. And I promise to be just like a normal boss. No grudges against you or anything. Just give it another chance. Please?

Jennifer (thought): I guess I can do this much at least. It is a high paying job after all.

Jennifer: Okay, Mr. Jacobson.


George: The annual company gala is on Saturday. All the employees have to go.

Jennifer: Okay. I’ll be there.

George: Well, will you be my date?

I would love that.
I don’t think so.

George: Great then. I’ll pick you up at 7.

On Saturday evening, you dress up in a beautiful red gown and he picks you up as promised. At the gala, he introduces you to other board members and then you have drinks.

George: You know Jenny, I’m really having a great time.

Jennifer: Me too, George. It was really very nice of you to show me around.

George: I am forever going to remember this moment.

Jennifer: Why?

George: Because you finally called me something other than Mr. Jacobson. For the first time.

Both of you laugh.

George: Okay, Jennifer. Whatever you’d like.

On Saturday evening, you dress up in a beautiful red gown and take a cab to the venue. You interact with your coworkers and George constantly looks at you. After drinks, he finally walks up to you.

George: Having a nice time?

Jennifer: Yes.

George: You look very beautiful, by the way.

Jennifer: Thank you. You look great too.

Sharon walks over to the two of you.

Sharon: Hey, Mr. Handsome. Wanna dance with Ms. Beautiful?

She extends her hand towards him. But George looks at you.

George: Of course. But would Ms. Beautiful like to dance with me?

He extends his arm towards you. Sharon stamps her foot and walks away.

Jennifer: I don’t know.

George: Don’t think too much about it. It just looks good for the company. Please?

Jennifer: Okay, I guess.

You give him your hand and you start swaying with him. It’s a slow, soft song so you can easily talk over the music.

George: I know things aren’t normal between us yet.

Jennifer: How can they be? So much has happened.

George: I know. But I still want you to know that these last few days have been the best days of my life. I am very happy to be rebuilding our relationship.

Jennifer: So am I, George.

He leans in to give you a small kiss on your cheek. After dancing, you have dinner and go home.

On Monday, as you get off the elevator, Sharon and a few others stand outside your office gossiping about the gala.

Sharon: It wasn’t enough for Jennifer to get the job by seducing Mr. George, she still wants more. She was kissing and romancing him so much at the gala!

As they start laughing, you also hear someone shouting from behind you. You turn to see George, red-faced with anger.

George: Am I paying all you worthless people to gossip?

Sharon: Uh-no, Sir…

George: Miss Sharon Jennings, you have been fired from your job, with immediate effect. You will receive compensation for the notice period. Now grab your things and get out!

Sharon: But Sir, you can’t do it… I

George: What did you say? I can’t do it?! Would you like to know what else I can do?

She remains quiet.

George: That’s what I thought. Would anyone else like to be fired too?

The crowd dissipates away. You enter your office and George enters behind you.

George: I am sorry you had to hear that.

Jennifer: Did you just fire her because she was saying all those things about me?

George: Yes, I will not let anyone talk like that about you.

Jennifer: Mr. Jacobson, I am flattered. But you really don’t need to protect me.

George: I thought we were past all this formality. Back at the gala, we were so… nice to each other. I just… thought that maybe we had a chance.

Jennifer (thought): A chance for what? Friendship? Maybe love? He has been kind to me, and we have put the past where it belongs. But can it really be forgotten?

Jennifer: Mr. Jacob-George, I appreciate the fact that you offered me this job and stayed true to your promise of forgetting our past. But what exactly do you think is gonna happen between us?

George: I just know that I like you. Always did. You knew that didn’t you? I had told you. And I can’t help but hope that one day you will feel the same. I want to date you. I want to build a relationship with you. I need an answer, Jenny. Do you think you could ever love me? Or even date me? After our history?

Jennifer (thought): I do see us one day being happy with each other. But in case, I can’t be sure, I must end everything now and walk out of his life. That resignation letter is still there on my computer…

You say:

Yes, I wanna date you. I want a future with you.
No, we can’t have a future.

George: Really?

Jennifer: Yes. I like you too. I’m so sorry for the bitch I was before.

George: Shh-doesn’t matter. I was an ass myself.

Jennifer: Let’s just forget it all, Mr. Jacobson.

George: Georgie. That’s what I want you to call me. The nickname you gave me in high school.

You both laugh and you delete the resignation letter from your computer. He bends down to kiss you.

Jennifer (thought): I am so happy to have him in my life!

Jennifer: I am sorry, Mr. Jacobson.

George: Please, Jenny...

Jennifer: Whatever I may have done back in school to deserve it, I definitely can’t forget how you have insulted me.

You hit ‘Send’ on the letter.

Jennifer: In fact, I don’t think I can be around you anymore. I have just sent in my resignation. Hope you have a happy life, Mr. Jacobson.

George: Jenny, please just think about it.

Jennifer: It’s just not meant to be. Accept it, George. Goodbye!

You grab your things and walk out of the office.

Jennifer (thought): I guess we just met each other at wrong times.

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