The Love Affair of a Debt Collector

By  Selina
Published on   Dec 17, 2021

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You, Agalia, are so tired. Suffering from tremendous grief and heartbreak, you are still facing another inescapable problem after your father passed away from his illness.

The enormous debts caused by his disease have put you and your mother in a complicated situation.

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This is the third time you get a threatening notice from the debt collectors.

You know that you either get imprisoned or, worse, killed by the debt collectors if you don't pay.

You choose:

Work hard and hide from the debt collectors
Ask the debt collectors for more time

As you get off from work, you find three debt collectors blocking the front door to your house. You have no choice but to confront them.

'I will pay off the debts. Just give me some more time.'

They whisper within each other, then come for you and take you into a car.

You arrive at a restaurant, where the men inform you that you're waiting for the man, the head of the debt collectors.

'What?! Marry Him? I haven't even seen him!'

'Lady, you got no choice. Marry our boss or go to prison. Your call.'

You are devastated.Is the boss a harmful and disrespectful man? What would become of me?

Just as you plan to beg for more time, someone sits down in front of you.

'That would be me.'

'Huh? What do you mean?'

'Your debt to pay, and you're paying for it.'

'So.. you're the head of those collectors?'

'Indeed, I am.'

It was awkward at first, but you proceeded to order food. The boss introduces himself as Pietro, and you are surprised that you're both the same age. You even lived in the same neighborhood as kids.

You just get more confused as time passes by. The way he speaks is sweet and polite. You feel like you want to know more about him and his past. But he says it is too late, then takes you home.

'We got plenty of time to know each other. Otherwise, how could two strangers get married? What do they call that..?'

He gets out of the car and opens the door for you, leans in and whispers in your ear:

'They call it a date.'

You are shocked. You can't believe it.

A few seconds ago, you were a mere payment, but now you are dating the boss of the debt collectors?

You walk back inside, and lie down on your bed and start thinking. You:

Refuse the new suitor
Accept the setup

Early morning the next day, you are awakened by your phone ringing on the weekend. It is Pietro.

'I didn't actually agree to this. We are pretty much strangers. What do you think of this whole setup?'

'I see. I like the idea of being married.'

'You're kidding. Why so?'

'I just do.'

Early morning the next day, you are awakened by your phone ringing on the weekend. It is Pietro.

'So, what do we do now?'

'Nothing. We just have to go with it. It's not like you have a choice anyway, right?'

'I guess you're right.'

He tells you he needs to show you something.

He takes you out for a ride. Surprisingly, you have a lot of fun. It's been a long time since you have breathed fresh air, and that makes you feel kind of relieved.

It felt weird at first, but something about Pietro calms you. It just feels like you have a connection between the two of you. There is this mysterious aura surrounding Pietro that you just can't figure out, but you know there's something between you. You want to figure out what it is.

You call it a day and go back home. You find Pietro to be unlikeable. Well, what do you expect when you owe him money? You just have a feeling that your life is about to get so much worse than it already is.

It's the next morning. Today is your payday. You pay off the debt owed for this month. You have built a long-term plan regarding your future debt payment.

You wake up to your phone ringing nonstop. It wasn't stopping, so you picked it up.

'Who is this?'

'Your date from yesterday.'

'Why are you calling THIS early?'

'I want to take you out for a second date. Get ready in an hour; I'm coming to pick you up.'

The call ends. You stare at the ceiling and make sure you are already awake and not dreaming. Once you realize it is real life, You start getting ready. You aren't sure if Pietro is playing with you, but you get dressed and wait for him to pick you up.


'Hi, you look beautiful, as always.'

'Thank you.'

'Yeah, but let me take you to a place where everything shall be revealed.'


He takes you to where you used to live as a child, at a time when you were neighbors.

'Wow, I don't know. It still is the same here.'

'Yes, cause I've bought this place and fixed it up?'

'What? You are confused and confusing me even more. Why would you do this?'

Pietro walks ahead of you, then stops at the street corner. You feel like the place is familiar but cannot recall it.

Pietro turned around and smiled at you.

'You must've forgotten. It is ok. You were not expecting anything in return when you did that. But I have always remembered you, even until now.'

Some memories start to flood back to you.

'I was bullied, and they took all my money. I didn't even know how to go back home. That's when you came, and the money.'

You both laugh.

Pietro confesses everything. You now remember everything. Now you:

Hug him and accept him
Take a step back to think about all this

He hugs you back tightly.

'Didn't you find it weird last night that I said I liked the idea of being married?'

'It was weird, yes.'

'Now you know everything. I've had a crush on you since we were young. You just don't remember, do you?'

'I'm sorry.'

'Don't feel sorry for the best thing that happened to me.'

Pietro thought revealing himself could possibly scare you. You really don't remember much at all. Now, he feels awkward.

'Uh, I am taking you home.'


'After you, my lady. And do not be afraid of me and run away.'

You go back home and find your diary. Yes, you used to write every precious memory down.

You remember that boy, and you remember he tried to protect you after that, escorting you all the way back home.

Little did he know that destiny would bring you back together, and it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Pietro sends you a text:

'Agalia, I knew I had found you when I saw your debt record and information. I also know you've been through a lot.'

'I see you working hard and doing your best to care for your family. You are the exact same girl from my memories: dedicated and compassionate. The old memories, along with my feelings for you, come hand in hand.'

'So do not turn away from me; let us continue this together from where we left it.'


Yes, I have been waiting for that boy from my childhood to reappear in my life.
No, I believe we should start this relationship without involving our pasts.
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