My Secret Love

By  Mandy
Published on   Nov 23, 2021

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Test instructions:

Welcome to Fairview High School newbie.

Tomorrow you will start at a brand new school.

Start To Test

You have heard some rumors there were traces of ancient unatural creatures here, but you did not think it is real.

Anyway, parents have made their decisions. Apparently, a well-paid job comes first.

You wake up early on the first day of school. You arrive at school and quietly make your way into the building.

Just as you come around the next corner you see a group of girls. The one girl shoves a girl standing in front of her.

As she falls to the ground they laugh. It’s almost time for class, you...

Help that girl out.
It’s almost time for class. Besides what if those girls are popular or something!?

There’s now way you’re going to let this slide! Bullies must be stopped.

You round the corner and help the girl up. The bully tries to push you over but you dodge and she lands flat on her face!

Now it’s your turn to laugh as you make your way to class with a new friend.

You get to class and take the first open seat. When you look around you the most gorgeous guy is sitting right next to you!

He had bright, aqua-coloured eyes that looked into her very soul. Your new friend comes over and introduces her brother!

You choose:

Say hi and show interests.
Say hi and be polite.

You decide to rather go to class and not get involved. It’s not worth it for someone you don’t even know.

And you also noticed that there is a guy standing in the corner watching this

In science class, the teacher splits the class into two groups. In one group the girl from earlier waves at you.

In the other a guy with icy-blue eyes holds your attention. You recognized he was the boy who stood in the cornr when the bully happened.

Would you...?

Join the handsome guy with a wolfish grin.
Join with the boy with a icy, undead stare.

“Hey my name is Alex. Thanks for saving my sister from those devils”

The gorgeous boy introduces himself.

“I’m so glad you joined us and our pa...ah group.

You get lost in his eyes.

'I’m Bella. It’s really nice to meet you.”

You say as you can’t think with him looking at you like that! You:

are curious about the stories between these two groups.
do want to get involved in their personal affairs.

“I’m Micheal and I’m glad you chose us.”

He smiles at you and you forget the world around you. Your mind becomes hazy..

'H..hi I’m Bella, pleased to meet you.'

You recognized he was the guy who standing in the corner and did nothing about the bully.

Your team get to work getting the needed chemicals and equipment ready.

You mix the chemicals equally and it comes out just like the teacher showed you. The best is your team won!

Due to the good performance, you are elected as class president.

This is a great way to get rid of the bullies and clean this school up.

You hear there’s trouble in the hallway. When you run out there’s a tension between the two groups.

You have no idea what’s going on here but, these kids aren’t normal at all.

You look around and go closer to try and brake the fight use... you only really have two choices here! You...

Get out of there. If your friends want to act like hooligans fine. You are not going down with them!
You stand and fight with your new friends. If you stand by them you just know they will too.

You stay and fight alongside the others and you stand your ground.

The other group is now outnumbered and retreat. You stand there calmly as the Principal gets there.

You say:

“Nothing to see here sir.”
“ It was all my fault sir, please let the others go.”

The Principal isn’t listening to your excuses. You all get sent immediately to detention.

After a few days, you go to the library.

You see Micheal and Alex standing alone looking through some books, which are exactly you are looking for, the books about vampires and welewolves.

Who you choose to talk with:


You decide to get to know Michael a little better.

You walk up to him and also pick up a book. He looks into your eyes and you move without looking. You bump a giant stack of books, and as you look behind you they start to topple onto you.

With incredible speed he manages to catch them all.

'Are you hurt?' Michael asks softly.

“No I’m fine.”

You reply. You move forward at the same time he does.

He brushes your lips with his and then kisses a path down your neck. A shiver runs through you and you move back to look at him. You feel a stinging sensation coming from your neck.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get carried away.'

'You see I’m...I’m a Vampire'

'A vampire who adores you very much.'

'I invite you to be one of us, as my partner. Will you do me this honor?'

“One of us?”

Michael looks deep into your eyes.

Your answer is:

Yes! You had me at Hello.
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You decide to get to know Alex a little better.

You make eye contact with him as you move between the rows of books.

“Hi there beautiful.”

He says smiling down at you.

“Hello yourself.”

You whisper back as he lowers his head slowly.

A spark ignites between you.

Suddenly, the tall bookshelf toppling onto both of you.

Alex reaches out and holds the impossibility heavy bookshelf with two fingers.

'What even are you?!”

“I’m So sorry I didn’t mean to scary you. Must of happened when the shelf fell. I have no choice now...'

'So will you be one of us and with me?'


Yes! He is a loyal and warm-hearted Werewolf!

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