The Nerdy Boy’s Love

By  Mandy
Published on   Nov 15, 2021

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You are Rachel.

And today is your first day at Hill’s High School.

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You walk into the school reception. You are a bit nervous.

You said to yourself: I just hope I can make a few friends and fit in.

You talk to the receptionist and get your class schedule.

You walk into the main lobby trying to find your first class.

That’s when a nerdy looking boy with messy hair, walks into you.

Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t even see….

But he can’t stop staring at you.

You decide to….

Say ‘it’s okay’ and keep walking towards my class
Just keep walking without paying attention to him. I don’t like him.

Oh, thanks. I’ve never seen you before.

'Yeah, I’m new. I’m getting late. I need to go.'

'See you around.'

As Jim keeps looking at you, you start walking away, towards your first class.

You reach your classroom and sit in the front seat.

You can hear a few whispers behind you.

'Who is that?“

”I think it’s the new girl. She looks hot!“

You can’t stop blushing.

That’s when the teacher enters and class starts. An hour later, the bell rings.

You gather your things and get up to leave.

That’s when Steve, with blonde hair and a fit body, taps you on your shoulder.

Wow he is very confident… and hot! I should:

Agree to be friends with him. He will help me fit in.
Stay away from him. He seems arrogant, even if he’s hot.

'Then I guess I wanna be friends with you.'

You smile a stellar smile and Steve seems turned on.

' Good girl! I am Steve. '

'I heard you come from New York. That’s a big city. I hear big city girls are wild.'

He gives you a sleazy smile.

'No, thanks. I don’t want it.'

'Look, I don’t wanna be your enemy. I just don’t want unnecessary drama.'

You two walk out of class together. Jim is outside.

He looks hurt looking at the two of you together.

You spend the rest of the day avoiding general public, minding your business.

At the end of the day, you happily go to the parking lot, glad that the day is over.

And then to your dismay, you realize that your car won’t start.

Steve drives by you in his shiny Mercedes.

'What’s wrong with your car?'

'Come. I’ll give you a ride to the mechanic.'

You are confused. On the one hand, you know Steve has questionable character.

But on the other, you need help.

You decide to:

Get in his car.
Go ahead walking.

You get in the passenger seat. And Steve starts driving, looking smug.

'How come a girl as hot as you didn’t have a boyfriend?'

You continue walking in the direction of the mechanic. Steve drives slowly to keep up beside you.

'I don’t know why you’re not trusting me.'

'Baby, I know you want me. Why are you hesitant then?'

Steve walks out of the car and grabs your shoulder.

Steve grabs the sides of your face and leans in to kiss you.

You are scared and immediately push him away.

What the hell do you think of me? A common whore?

'Don’t be such a bitch! No girl has ever denied me'.

'Then I guess you haven’t been with many girls.'

How dare you mock me? I will ruin your life.

Yesterday Steve was red with anger as he drives away. You were exhausted from the day and went back home.

Today You enter the school and realize everyone is staring at you. Some people even start laughing at you.

You can’t stop tearing up. You run to the cafeteria and sit there, away from everyone.

A small voice comes from behind your back.

It is Jim:

'Hey Rachel! I am sorry for everything.'

You are deeply hurt by Steve, but is Jim the right guy for you?

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