Who Will You Date If You Were A New Girl In UA Academy?

By  Mandy
Published on   Oct 31, 2021

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Test instructions:

You are Ochaco Uraraka, a freshman in UA Academy.

Start To Test

You’re starting your first day today in Class 1-A, and you see Isuzu Midoriya, a kind and simple guy. You:

A. Greet and try to talk to him.
B. Ignore him for now.

He’s taken a bit aback, but he suddenly says that he likes your personality. He compliments you more and more as you chat away the homeroom period. He then asks you to pair up for the hero project for this week. You:

A. Agree with some reservations.
B. Agree since you also like him.

He proposes a good team plan and asks you to train with him to work on your quirk synergies. As you train, you suddenly lose control over gravity, but Midoriya catches you. You:

A. Push him away because you think he’s a creep for that.
B. Feel flustered but say thanks.

He says sorry, but now he avoids you all the time. You instead pair up with:

A. Ida Tenya because he’s fast to work with.
B. No one since you think you can do it alone.

He says that we should take a break, and you agree. However, he suddenly says that his quirk isn’t the average quirk, and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. You:

A. Accept that fact and support him still.
B. Get scared and run away.

Katsuki Bakugo, your old childhood friend who’s now grown to become a brute, notices you. He walks towards you and says hi as the whole class is astonished that you know him. You:

A. You say hi back with a smile.
B. Ignore him since you think he’s a bad guy.

He’s suddenly flushed as he tells you that you’ve grown and have become absolutely astonishing. You’re taken aback and you:

A. Become similarly flushed and hide your face.
B. Say that you appreciate it, but not in a romantic way.

Ace student Mirio Togata from Class 3-B suddenly confesses to you at the start of homeroom! You:

A. You reject his feelings.
B. You accept his feelings.

Bakugo then asks you out to eat lunch together, hoping to reconnect. He says he’s been an outcast because of his explosive quirk. You:

A. Accept his offer since you still care for him even if he says he’s dangerous.
B. Refuse his offer because you don’t want to reconnect with someone with a dangerous quirk.

People now give you the nickname “Ms. Hard To Get” because of this. You:

A. Ignore it because it doesn’t matter.
B. Distance yourself instead.

He’s caught off-guard as he explains that it was just a dare from his friends in Class 3-B. You:

A. Get angry for accepting the confession
B. Be a good sport but ignore him after.

He says sorry but he eventually does ask you out on a date, for real this time. You:

A. Firmly reject him.
B. Accept once again.

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