Horror Honeymoon Period

By  Selina
Published on   Nov 21, 2022

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You are Maria.

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You have just gotten married to the Love of your life Liam. You both decided to rent a house to spend your honeymoon together. You rented a house in the woods and both decided to spend your honeymoon amid nature.

You and your husband have just had a splendid time together. When you both retired to bed, you heard a strange sound.

You ask Liam:

What made the noise?
Did you hear that?

You looked around but found nothing.

Your husband went downstairs and also found nothing. He returned and told you that you were imagining things and that there was no one there.

You knew that you weren’t imagining things but you just decided to wave it off and go to bed.

'Hear what?'

The loud noise repeated again and this time Liam heard it. He went downstairs to check and came back saying that maybe it was just the wind.

Late in the night while you both were deeply asleep, you had a feeling that someone was looking at you.

You instantly opened your eyes you saw someone running out of your room.

You decide to:

Wake Liam up
Run after the person

You immediately woke Liam up and told him what you just saw and that you suspected that someone was in the house with you both.

He told you not to leave the room. Some minutes later, he came back and said that he saw no one.

You ran after the person but lost track of the person.

'Babe.. what's wrong?'

'I saw someone..'

The person came from behind and grabbed Liam from behind.

You screamed at the top of your voice. When you took a closer look it was a vampire.

The vampire threw Liam aside making him hit his head on the wall.

You choose to:

Run to Liam
Run away from the room

When you got to Liam, he was bleeding from the back of his head, and he was unconscious. You kept on calling out his name.

The vampire grabbed you from behind.

'Let go of me!'

He then threw you to the other side of the room and you landed badly on the lamp. As you groaned in pain, you slowly stood up.

You ran downstairs as the vampire laughed and sped in your direction.

'You seem to be forgetting that vampires are known for their speed. No matter how fast you run I will catch you'

The vampire grabbed you by your neck and looked at you while wearing a vile smirk.

Suddenly someone stabbed him with wood. When you looked it was Liam.

'Babe… are you okay?'

'Leave here now!'

'No one leaves!'

Immediately the vampire screamed, there was a mild trembling in the house like the house had just collided with a tornado.

You decide to..

Run away like Liam asked you to
Attack the vampire

You took to your heels as you ran down the stairs you missed a step and rolled down the stairs. You tried unlocking the door and when it finally opened, before you could get out the vampire dragged you back into the house and locked the door.

When you looked, he was holding a heart and his hand was covered in blood.

You hit the head of the vampire with the flower vase that was in the room, but it had no effect on him.

'Let go of her!'

The vampire turned around and ripped out Liam’s heart and he died instantly.

'I must say, your husband sure does have a lovely heart'

As the vampire approached you with his mouth covered in Liam’s blood. You moved backward until you were against the wall.

As looked around, you found a knife lying on the floor; you picked it up and stabbed the vampire in his heart.

You knew that it wouldn’t kill him, but you used it to buy time. You ran into the kitchen and locked the door.

Your next move is..

Tried running out through the window
Put on the gas

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