It was my first day of starting at this new high school. One more year until I graduate! I just walked out of the office, following the teacher to my first cl*.

The teacher opened the door and told me to go in. I walked up to the teacher who was taking attendance. Excuse me, ma'am. At hearing my voice, she looked up and smiled. You must be the me student! I'm your teacher Mrs Swift. You may introduce yourself to the cl* now.

I turned to the cl* who were all looking at me, curious of who I was. I smiled, which made some girls blush, and others whisper. Hello, I'm Summer Wolfe. I'm new here, so please take care of me.

After my introduction, I ignored their reaction and turned back to the teacher. May I know where my seat is?

She smiled and told me to sit in the last row, that my desk mate was sitting next to the window.

I made my way into the back of the room. My desk mate had his head in his arms. He had blonde medium length hair, and was wearing all black. I turned back to the teacher, when she started the lesson.

During the lesson, a breeze blew into the room from the window. The smell of a vampire stung my nose. I leaned over and sniffed my desk mate. Vampire. I mumbled. He stiffened visibly. Shifting his head so one bright green eye was looking at me. I could tell he hasn't eaten for about one or two months.

He must be a half breed. If you need blood, meet me on the roof. I said turning back to the lesson. Even without looking at him, I could tell he was shocked.

After the lesson, I walked up the stairs case that leads to the roof. I waited until the door opened again. He looked horrible. His bright green eyes were on me. I sat on the ground, leaning against the wall. Taking off my tie, and pushing my shirt to the side. He looked hesitant at first, but kneeled in front of me. Leaning his head against my neck, the surge of pain as his teeth sank into me. I grabbed his hair, as he continued to drink my blood.

After what felt like ages, he forced himself away. My blood dripping from the corners of his mouth. Werewolf. He mumbled with a shocked expression on his face. The skin already covered the place his fangs once were.

I got up, fixing my clothes. Humans blood was just food for vampires they could get anywhere, but werewolf blood was like wine to them. But since werewolves were superior in strength, they didn't allow vampires to drink their blood. I honestly didn't care, since my body would just regenerate, but I understand why he was shocked. I just didn't want him getting out of control, attacking humans and exposing the supernatural world to humans.

If you need more, just let me know. I said, leaving him on the roof top, standing there still shocked.

I made my way back to cl*, before it started. After the late bell rang, my desk mate stepped into the cl* and apologized to the teacher for coming late.

He sat down next to me, staring at me. This went on for the rest of the cl*. But I ignored him, and cl* finally ended.


Mrs. Xero

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