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Story by: Mo Xiang Tong Xin

Translater: K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Character and Sect Guide


Wei Ying

(named Mo XuanYu after transmigration) Common name: WuXian (fourth on the list of young masters)

Title: YiLing Patriarch

Name meanings: Weiーcontains the character for "ghost"; Yingー "infant"; WuXianー "no envies"; YiLingーthe place Yiling, where Luanzang Hill is

Height: 186 cm (180 cm after transmigration)

Sword: Suibian (the Chinese characters "Sui Bian", meaning "whatever", are engraved on the sword)

Tools: Stygian Tiger Seal (of which half was destroyed prior to the siege at Luanzang Hill), Comp* of Evil, spirit-attraction flag

Lan Zhan

Common name: WangJi (second on the list of young masters)

Title: HanGuang-Jun ("Two Jades of Lan" with his brother Lan XiChen)

Name meanings: Lanー "blue"; Zhanーan adjective often used to describe an azure shade of blue; WangJiーa Daoist phrase, meaning "to not seek fame or wealth, forget about worldly matters, and be at peace with the world"; HanGuangー "to hold light"

Height: 188 cm

Sword: Bichen (meaning "to avoid dust/worldly matters")

Guqin: Wangji

YunmengJiang Sect

Motto: to attempt the impossible Residence: Lotus Pier, Yunmeng

Motif: the nine-petal lotus

Jiang Cheng

Common name: WanYin (fifth on the list of young masters)

Name meanings: Jiangー "river"; Chengー "clear", "transparent"; WanYinー Wan means "night", while Yin means "to chant"

Height: 185 cm

Sword: Sandu (a Buddhist phrase that refers to the root of all turmoil-greed, anger, and ignorance)

Ring: Zidian ("purple lightning"); it can turn into a whip that emits purple lightning, able to separate the soul and body of a person who had seized someone else's body

Jiang FengMian

(Jiang Cheng's father and past sect leader; he was old friends with Wei WuXian's parents)

Name meanings: FengMianー Feng means "maple", while Mian means "to sleep"

Yu ZİYuan

(Jiang Cheng's mother)

Name meanings: Yuー "to worry"; ZiYuanー "purple kite-bird"

Jiang YanLi

(Jiang Cheng's older sister, Wei WuXian's shijie)

Name meanings: YanLiー "to dislike separation"

GusuLan Sect

Motto: be righteous

Founder: Lan An (born in a temple; became a musician afterward ) Residence: The Cloud Recesses, Gusu

Motif: flowing clouds

Lan Huan

Common name: XiChen

(first on the list of young masters)

Title: Zewu-Jun

Name meanings: Huanー "to dissipate"; XiChenー "A chancellor of the morning sun"

Height: 188 cm

Sword: Shuoyue ("new moon")

Xiao: Liebing ("fractured ice")

Lan Sizhui

(mature disciple with polite manners) Name meanings: SiZhuiー "to recollect and long for "

Height: 172 cm

Lan JingYi

(less mature disciple with less polite manners)

Name meanings: JingYiーJing means" scenery ", while Yi can mean either" appearance "," etiquette ", or" gift "

Height: 168 cm

Lan QiRen

(the pedantic, stubborn, strict teacher who brings up excellent students)

Name meanings: QiRenーQi means "to open, to start", while Ren means "kindness"

LanlingJin Sect

Residence: Koi Tower, Lanling

Motif: the white peony Sparks Amidst Snow (Disciples of the Jin Clan have vermilion marks on their forehead)

Jin GuangYao

(Leader of the LanlingJin Sect)

Title: LianFang-Zun

Name meanings: Jinー "golden"; GuangYaoーGuang means "light", while Yao means "a radiant piece of jade"; LianFangー "to hide fragrance"

Height: 170 cm

Jin Ling

(son of Jin ZiXuan and Jiang YanLi) Name meanings: Lingー "to rise above"

Height: 172 cm

Jin Zixuan

(Ranked third on the list of young masters)

Name meanings: Ziーa common character found in many names; Xuanー "a tall pavilion"

Height: 185 cm

Jin GuangShan

(past sect leader, rumored to have died "in bed")

Name meanings: GuangShanーGuang means "light", while Shan means "kindness"

Mo XuanYu

(illegitimate son of Jin GuangShan, sacrificed his body to Wei WuXian)

Name meamings: XuanYuーXuan means "mysterious", while Yu means "feathers"

Qin Su

(Wife of Jin GuangYao)

Name meanings: Suー "sincerity"

QishanWen Sect

Founder: Wen Mao

(the first to focus on expanding the clan instead of the sect)

Wen Ning

Alternative name: Ghost General

Name meanings: Wenー "lukewarm"; Ningー "peace"

Height: 183 cm

Wen RuoHan

(Past leader of the Wen Sect)

Name meanings: RuoHanーRuo means "as though", while Han means "coldness"

QingheNie Sect

Motif: the head of a beast

Nie MingJue

Title: ChiFengーZun (eldest one of the sworn brothers)

Name meanings: MingJueー "a bright, penannular jade"; ChiFengー "a crimson blade"

Saber: Baxia ("to be under forceful power")

Height: 191 cm

Nie HuaiSang

(the cowardly second young master) Name meanings: HuaiSangーHuai means "to hold", while Sang refers to "mulberry leaves"

Height: 172 cm

Yicheng Arc

Xue Yang

Height: 180 cm

Sword: Jiangzai ("to bring down disasters")

Xiao Xing Chen

Name meanings: Xiaoー "dawn"; XingChenー "star-dust"

Height: 185 cm

Sword: Shuanghua ("floral frost" or "the brilliance of frost")

Song Lan

Common name: Zichen

Name meanings: Lanー "mist"; ZiChenーZi a common character found in many names, while Chen means "a precious stone"

Sword: Fuxue ("to brush away snow")


Name meanings: Qingー "bamboo"

Disclaimer!!! and Character and Sect Guide

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