"Dude, I'm feeling so hot!! where I'm...where is this place" A man beside me was sleeping," who is he??? why I'm ***** with a stranger and its a man"

"gwad you made me insane, before he woke up I need to slide out from here" Deok carefully removed the sheet from him and cleared his way.

"Bye bye stranger I'm never gonna see you again!! " he picked up his purse and threw. the money on the bed.

"Ahh...my clothes they're all drenched, thanks for your clothes dear stranger, ekk"

Deok slipped away from the hotel and went to his apartment.

"Brother, can you p* me a lemonade, I need it, I'm having a severe headache"

"brother, brother...you're still sleeping, get up "

He pulled the blanket and threw again on him.

"Brother, didn't anyone told you to wear clothes while sleeping " blushes

"Deoka, is that you!! Are their no cl*es today!!"

"cl*es....cl*es... oh fish... I'm late, thanks bro yuan I'm leaving just go to your work too"

Deok, got dressed up and went to his uni.

"chuckles, he is always messed up!! well let's prepare for the office"

his brother chuckled from the gate to see him off.

"Ahh...Deokeee, you need to hurry up...hurry up...Why didn't jae, called me up, I'll be killing his ***...oh my *** it's still hurting upon that my headache it's getting intense".

Deok entered the cl* in a rush,

"May, I come In!! I'm sorry I'm late...I'll take my seat".

He didn't notice the lecturer and saw his friend yunho telling him something from his sign language.

"Hey, yunho their you are, I'll be sitting next to you". He found a angry glare from the back as he turned.

"Oh, *...it's you!!"

"The man I sle...

He covers his mouth,"I just said the truth"

"It's not Mr. yangMo's cl* oh...I'm sorry I just...I'm sorry I didn't notice you".

"Well I want you to meet me after the cl* and for now you can have a seat, Mr. Sangmu"

''Their we will discuss the previous lectures which you missed, don't worry I'll taught you very well" he whispered in his ears.

And that made a chill in his back, Deok was freezed in his place.

"Mr. sangmu you may sit now"

Deok sit next to yunho and he asked, " yui, who is he? what is he doing here and where is Mr. YangMo?" he whispered

"Mr. yangmo's cl* was dismissed and he came here, he is the CEO of shang group and he was personally invited here for special lectures and he will take a cl* in a week".

In Deok's mind

"I didn't know , he is quite aggressive and intelligent yeah he is a ceo afterall. He slept with me really but why I can't remember,

His hairs are quite flowy and his eyes are really sharp and like he is waiting for his pray to catch at any cost. I shouldn't meddle with him even his face is perfect I didn't notice this yesterday".

"DEOK, DEOK...C, mon you're not day dreaming".

"Yeah, yeah yunho I'm here" he suddenly came to his senses.

"Come on let's go, You have to go to the Mr. shang's office or else he'll punish you again"

"you're coming with me, yuni...yess, he won't be able to do anything naughty to me".


"A....Yunho can you please help me with this, I wasn't able to understand it earlier would you help me" A girl asked him

"I'm sorry Deok, I won't be able...."

"No, what...??"

" yunho, please stop...I want your help and..."

He asked him to call him later after reaching home.

Deok knew, this is going to be something very embarr*ing. So he throughly tried to skip but be can't he is his mentor and he cannot deny that.

"Ok, I'll go"


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