C1 Are you a ******?

"Miss Mizuri, we are very sorry but without money, we can’t save him."

"No! Please, wait! Doctor, please..." Her red, cherry-like lips were trembling in fear. Her body was frozen as she stopped in the middle of the road the moment the doctor ended the call. Her mind went blank and her tears just won’t stop falling like rain. The weak light of hope left in her heart was completely covered by nothing but darkness. Her eyes that was as beautiful as the most expensive diamond in existence was turning lifeless. Life was indeed, always too cruel for her.

Her sweet little brother who was just eleven was dying. He needed a bone marrow transplant but Davi failed to find enough money needed. She already sold everything they had, and the only thing left was, her. Her body.

Davi Mizuri was just an ordinary girl, but her beauty was just something even the flies wouldn’t deny. Yes, she was too beautiful that she was nicknamed ’the most unfortunate goddess in existence’. Living a poor life earned her such a nickname. People was mocking her for wasting her beauty saying that she was like a lost diamond who was wasting her life living among the gravel stones. She was scouted by numerous talent agencies offering her what’s was considered lavish but she declined them all.

People called her crazy but little did they knew how much Davi hated the entertainment industry. To her, the entertainment industry was nothing but hell. It was the same hell that ruined her entire family.

Until now, her hate never subsided, to the point that she’d rather sell herself than join the same hell that was responsible for her family’s death.


A car was approaching her but Davi’s mind refused to work anymore. She needed someone to help her save his brother. She was ready to offer herself to the gods if his brother, the last family she had will be saved.

A BMW stopped less than a meter away from her. The car’s door opened but Davi was still staring at her phone.

"Miss, are you in need of money that much to even attempt something like this?"

A manly voice faintly reached Davi’s consciousness so she blankly turned her face to a tall man who looks like a body guard in front of her. He was angry but the man’s eyes slightly widened the moment he saw her face. The girl was crying so hard; she looks like the world was over for her. Her eye bags were dark but her beauty was just too much to ignore. She looks like a perfect doll, almost too beautiful to be true.

"Yes, I need... money."

Davi’s voice was ho*. But her half-conscious mind still made her said what she wanted. Deep within her, she knew that if her brother will be gone as well, she thought that she won’t be able to continue living anymore.

"Are you a ******?"

The man quickly asked without beating around the bush, straight as ever. Davi instantly felt chills and her mind was immediately awakened by the words of the stranger in front of her. She knew what was the meaning of his words. Her tears fell again but she clenched her fist tight.

’What is dignity if I lost my only reason to keep living? What is life if the last of my family die as well?’ she thought. She bit her lip then meet the tall man’s serious eyes bravely like a warrior.


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