"How beautiful!"

Looking at her wedding dress, Li Xiaolu sighed in awe. It was her most beautiful and precious design.

Today, she was getting married to Chen Yufan her fiancé. They have been in a relationship for over four years now. And finally she going to become his wife.

This was the most awaited day of her life. After her wedding, she would be introduced to the world as the eldest daughter of the Li family and also the famous fashion designer, LX.

Finally, she was going to be free without any restrain on her. From today onwards, she was going to a live a life that she wanted for herself along with the love of her life. She no longer had to hide anymore...

Busy in her thoughts, Li Xiaolu didn't even realise when her younger sister, Li Roulan and her best friend Meng Xuimin entered her room. Startled by the noise, Li Xiaolu turned, " Roulan, Xuimin what are you guys doing here?"

Her younger sister walked towards the dress looking all over it. With a satisfying smile Li Roulan praised, "My dear elder sister, you sure know how to create a beautiful dress.... "

"But it's such a pity that your elder sister won't be able to wear it..." Xuimin sighed.

Listening to them, Li Xiaolu frowned. She didn't understand what they were talking about. Confused she asked, "Xuimin what do you mean?"

Xuimin laughed, "What do I mean? " Looking at Roulan she smirked," Roulan let's show her what do we mean?"

Smirking, Li Roulan called, "Guards.... ". On cue, four bulky guards entered the room. Li Xiaolu was startled looking at them. She didn't understand what was going on?

Turning to she asked, "Roulan what is going on? What is Xuimin talking about?"

Roulan looked at her coldly and ordered, "Guards, grab that * and drag her away... "

The guards walked up to Li Xiaolu and grabbed her both arms tightly. Feeling the pain in her arms, Li Xiaolu cried out, "Roulan what are doing? I am your elder sister.... "

She struggled hard as the guards held her arms when she saw Roulan walking up to her. "Roulan what are you - "

PAK!! A hard slap fell on her cheek. Baffled, Li Xiaolu looked at her younger sister not believing that she had slapped her.

"R-roulan.... "

PAK!! Another slap... Li Xiaolu cried when her chin was forcefully gripped by Li Roulan that even her nails were peircing her, "A mere servant like you is not fit to call your master's name. Being the eldest daughter of the Li family, you have to address me as Miss Li. Do you get it *? "

Servant? Master? The eldest daughter of the Li family is me then what is Roulan talking about?

"Roulan, I don't think she understands what you are talking about. You don't have to get yourself so worked up for this servant. After all, today is your wedding day and you have to look stunning in that beautiful gown your elder sister..... oops I mean your servant made for you. Isn't that right Li Xiaolu? " Xuimin laughed smiling evily at her.

Li Xiaolu was so confused and puzzled at their behavior that she didn't know what to say. Looking at Roulan she asked, "Your wedding? "

Li Xiaolu winced in pain when Xuimin grabbed her hair and sneered, " Or do you think Chen Yufan would marry a sŀut like you? A servant of the Li family? "

Li Xiaolu whole body shook as she cried, "What are you talking about Xuimin? This is all a joke, isn't it? I am the eldest daughter of the Li family and today is my marriage with Chen-"

PAK!! Another slap.

"Do not take Brother Yufan's name with your * mouth.... You sŀut" Li Roulan sneered slapping her hard.

Xuimin laughed, "Li Xiaolu do you still not understand? Today is Roulan's marriage with Chen Yufan. How can a nobody like you think of him? "

Roulan's marriage with Chen Yufan....

"Guards what are you waiting for. Drag her away.... " Roulan ordered.

"Yes Young Miss." they shouted and started dragging her arm.

Pain shot through her whole body as she cried, "Leave me.... I am the eldest young miss.... Roulan.... Xuimin.... Leave me.... Mother.... Father.... "

Li Xiaolu struggled very hard but her strength was very poor related to these guards. They dragged her all the way from her room to the hall downstairs while she kept shouting for help on top of her lungs.

Suddenly, she stopped when she saw her parents and Chen Yufan standing downstairs. A ray of hope lit in her heart as she called,"Mother... Father.... Yufan..."

The smile on her face faded and the ray of hope in her heart was completely shattered as she looked at their unaffected faces.

Looking at their faces in disbelief she cried, "Why? "

Chapter 1 : Shattered


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