**OLD DRAFT**Sworn: Book 2 of Protectors**OLD DRAFT**

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Destiny is not guaranteed. It is not written. It is earned. It is lived. After leaving behind everything she has ever known, a series of events finds Jade sworn to a member of the royal family, Prince Reiner. Jade must recall years of training as she walks the halls of the royal palace protecting the prince, but even years of training could not prepare her for the royal court. Secrets, intrigue, and surprising violence continually keep Jade on her toes as she learns to navigate her new life of service and protection. All the while guarding her own deadly secret as the sickness that has haunted Jade continues to grow, threatening everything she has worked for. ******THIS IS COMPLETELY UNEDITED. JUST LIKE ALL MY OTHER WORKS, PLEASE IGNORE ALL THE OBVIOUSLY HORRIBLE MISTAKES. THIS IS MY FIRST DRAFT.******

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