“This is fifty thousand. Uncle has already done his best to help you!”

Gu Mang glanced at the bank card that Lei Xiao had thrown onto the coffee table and she looked up with a cold, untameable gaze.

“No need for that. Thanks, Uncle,” she said indifferently as she sat down on the sofa sloppily.

Lei Xiao pursed his lips. His tone became cold. “You don’t need it? So Gu Si doesn’t need it as well?”

Gu Mang played with the toy gun in her hands. “I can take care of my younger brother. You can just take Gu Yin with you.”

Lei Xiao sneered disdainfully, “You’ll take care of him? With what? Do you have money? What, should he follow you, someone who hasn’t even graduated from high school, to work and beg outside?”

What an embarr*ment to the family!

Gu Mang gave a wry, enigmatic smile and her eyes curved slightly. Then she said in a brash manner, “Money? I’ve got a little. You can keep this bunch of money for Gu Yin.”

Lei Xiao frowned at his niece, who seemed outstanding in appearance, but carried herself like a bad person. When Gu Mang was born, everyone knew that she would grow up to be a beauty. He doted a lot on his beautiful niece. When she got older, her temper worsened.

Even though she was the oldest child in the family, she wouldn’t cooperate with her younger siblings and whenever people touched her things, she would stare at them with dark eyes.

She was such a thankless wretch to be acting out like that at something so trivial as touching her stuff.

Her sister had a good personality. Thus, even though her siblings disliked Gu Mang, they still tried to be nice.

It was only until Gu Mang beat an adult man till he was half-paralyzed did they start to avoid her like the plague.

She was a scourge!

So ruthless!

A menace!

After spending a month at the youth detention center, her sister brought her back.

After the severe lesson, she was sent to elementary school.

However, after just a few days of cl*, she was forced to drop out after beating another student till he was sent to the hospital.

She just wouldn’t learn!

What a bad record she had!

Whoever had such a child would be unlucky for eight lifetimes!

Her sister and husband had both died unexpectedly, leaving three children with no guardians.

It was a critical time for his promotion in the political arena.

Gu Si, like Gu Mang, was causing trouble everywhere. Ever since he was young, he had gotten into fights, skipped cl*es and neglected his responsibilities. Bringing these two back with him would be asking for trouble.

It was especially so since there were so many bigwigs in Ming City.

If these two caused any trouble there, his future prospects would be ruined.

Among his sister’s three children, Gu Yin was the only smart and sensible one.

She was smart and had her sister’s good looks as well. She was beautiful and well-loved by others.

If not, his sister wouldn’t have left all the real estates under her name to Gu Yin.

Bringing this girl with him would be his way of showing gratitude to his sister for taking care of him ever since he was young.

“Good luck on your own!” said Lei Xiao coldly before leaving the Gu residence, walking with big strides.

Gu Yin came down from upstairs. Lei Xiao’s secretary was walking beside her and helping her with the luggage.

“Sister, though Dad and Mom gave me the house, you and Gu Si can stay here for now. I don’t mind,” Gu Yin said with a smile.

Gu Mang stuffed the toy gun in her bag and raised her eyebrows, “No need.”

She raised her hand and looked at the time.

It was five o’ clock. It was time to pick up Gu Si from school.

She picked up the black motorcycle helmet beside her and walked out. A shabby looking motorcycle was parked at the entrance of the villa. The prettiest thing about the motorcycle was the skull on both of the rearview mirrors, giving it a spooky vibe.

Gu Mang put on the helmet, straddled her slender legs over the bike, and let down the visor with a click.

The motorcycle roared to life and sped out.

Gu Yin walked up to the BMW and the secretary helped her open the car door.

She turned to look in the direction Gu Mang had departed in, her eyes narrow.

Lei Xiao said, “Yinyin, get in the car.”

Gu Yin said lovably, “Okay, Uncle.”

Lei Xiao snorted, “You don’t ever have to interact with that kind of low cl* person again! They only deserve to look up to you!”

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