My Marriage To A Mute Alpha

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sandhya senthilkumar

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xiang, a male omega, left by his biological parents due to the only reason he was an "omega" and he was then adopted by the country's most influential and richest omega family - the shi family.

He was never short of love there.His adoptive parents made him the best in everyway you could possibly think of.

Eventhough he was strong and smart he still had the characteristics of an Omega - gentle as a flower.

"xiang,you cannot take care of your heat on your own anymore.You need to get married" said his mother.

Xiang knew the difficulties and didn't care about his partner as long as he loves him and takes good care of him.

So he said "yes mother, i agree".

"really! then lets have your marriage next month"

"what ! but we didn't find a partner yet".

"oh! i found a great husband for you. He is the heir to Japan's biggest technology company .His parents are our family friend for generations.They are the ones who asked for you ".
"but there is one problem"
"What is it?"
"He is mute".

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