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Oreo slumped to the cold floor as a hard slap landed on his face. "Know your place! $lut," Damien ordered while bending down to him. Oreo looked at Damien with teary eyes trying to control them. He nodded his head wiping away his tears and Damien all of a sudden picked him up walking to the huge dark bedroom. Knowing what was about to happen, Oreo started trembling and shaking. His fears got more high as Damien placed him on the bed. This would happen every two days in 1 week...Damien was always merciless. And it felt that Damien was deliberately doing that to torture Oreo.

Damien's cold fingers traced his beautiful curves to his white chest. "Wh-what are you d-doing-" Oreo asked stammering as Damien got upon him taking off his suit. "Ohh, I'm f**king you." The reply came in a sarcastic and cold tone making Oreo flinch and tremble. He crawled back trying to escape that but Damien grabbed his leg and pulled him back. "No! Please! (sob) Don't do this!" Oreo cried trying to push him away but what he got was a hard slap on his puffy beautiful face.

"Fulfill the duty of being my wife. I had warned you but you got this upon yourself." Damien replied and squeezed Oreo's a$$ giving him a cold glare. "I was forced to! (sob)I never wanted this!" Oreo shouted crying but Damien just chuckled coldly ignoring Oreo's answers or so. He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his boxer. His big d¡ck sprung out hard and * making Oreo gulp while trembling. "W-why is it hard-" He muttered shivering in fear.

"Suck it," Damien ordered grabbing Oreo's hair. "N-no-" Oreo's response brought a frown on Damien's brows. He raised his head grabbing his hair tightly. "Uggh!" Oreo groaned in pain looking at Damien with teary eyes. "You're disobeying me huh!" He asked angrily. Tears brimmed down Oreo's cheeks and he looked at the big hard d¡ck of Damien. "I-I will start-" He shuttered scared of Damien. Slowly stroking Damien's shaft, he took it inside his mouth licking the tip while Damien groaned a little.

Oreo's soft tongue lavishly licked his hard d¡ck that made it harder and bulged more. Oreo slowly took it in his mouth while going a little deeper. "Be careful with your teeth," Damien ordered coldly. Oreo hurriedly nodded his head as his mouth took Damien's hard d¡ck deeper. "T.S.K, You can't be slower than this, Can you!?" Damien groaned annoyed and suddenly grabbed his hair and pushed his d¡ck deeper thru$ting inside.

"Hgh! Mhh! Gh!" Oreo squirmed tearing up as Damien's d¡ck started hitting the back of his throat. "Ngh! gah!" Oreo gagged trying to catch up his breath as Damien started doing it faster. SPLURT!! Damien's white sticky liquid sprayed over Oreo's beautiful face making it more seductive. Damien glanced at Oreo's sinful face that made his thing go up and rock hard twitching in want of that omega.

"(sob) (hic) (sob)" Oreo was sobbing while wiping away the white fluid on his face. "Not so soon~" Damien replied and suddenly pulled Oreo up and threw him to the bed.

"How sinful can you be. I hate this $lutty look of yours...It always pulls me in..."

Prologue [18+]


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