She Is The Ugliest Supermodel In Thailand. He Was Bullied Because Of His Ugly Appearance, But He Did Not Expect To Become Popular All Over The World After Transgender

By  gaorong
Published on   Jun 24, 2022


Most of the stories about supermodels have a series of "hardware" standard types, such as white skin, beautiful long legs, etc. Even the plus size model requires good looking and beautiful. But this model will definitely subvert everyone's inherent cognition in terms of appearance conditions, so she is also known as the "heterogeneous" in the modeling world. If you still have no a clue, here you go!



Snub nose, too large eye distance, and thick lips, no matter who has any of these facial flaws will be spitsloted. However, this transgender her name is Maeya from Thailand has carry on all the flaws in her face, her looking is "beyond words ".



No matter in the past or current, the features of "handsome or beauty" has not presented in her face, not even close, even according to the aesthetics of ordinary people, her looking is still a bit "weird". But she is only 20 years old, and she is already one of the most popular models in Thailand. She is also very famous in the international fashion industry, frequently appearing on all kinds of advertising endorsements and shows. People are saying that a big bright future she has.



However, compared with the splendor of her career today, maeya's past is completely the opposite. Because of her strange ugly looking, she almost lived in the endless humiliation and ridicule of the people around her since childhood, and even was bullied by her classmates at school.



But at that time, no one knew that her ugly looking was caused by a congenital genetic disease-hereditary ectodermal organ dysplasia.

This disease made her look different from ordinary people since her childhood. Except that her facial features did not conform to the aesthetics of normal people, and her body hair was also very sparse. Her extremely ugly looking made her suffer endless ridicule and painful depression.



Fortunately, God did not create her with a normal looking, instead gave him a perfect family. When Maeya felt inferior and sad because of ridicule time and time, her siblings encouraged her, saying, "Don't care about your looking, don’t bother others thinking of you, if you want to be recognized, you have to change yourself, this is meaningful. Don't live in inferiority complex all day”.Maybe life was pushed her too hard, or maybe it was because of the encouragement of her siblings. Maeya decided to make some changes. Hence, he decided to become transgender.



After the successful operation, she posts her first picture of becoming a girl on the social network platform. She originally thought that she would reverse some of the situation, but she still encountered a lot of spitslot and abuse. The inferior Maeya becomes more autistic, and even for a while she refused to communicate with anyone. But it was still the warm comfort and encouragement of her siblings that made her slowly recover her self-confidence.



She began to boldly pursue the supermodel career she had longed for since she was a child. It was her dream that made her gradually become confident and take action to participating in various model competitions. With widespread media coverage, malice and praise have made her famous, and she has become a well-known internet celebrity in Thailand.



Then, she participated in Thailand's "Miss BBC World 2018" beauty pageant. With her confidence and generous attitude, she was recognized by everyone.



In fact, if you look closely at some photos of her participating in the talent shows and competitions, it is not as bad as imagined. Maeya is wearing a red dress and a thick black wig, looks feminine with delicate makeup. Despite her unordinary looking, her body proportions are still very good, and with her confident and generous posture, she looks much better than ever.



After the beauty contest in 2018, maeya became famous and became one of the most popular supermodels in Thailand, and received invitations for all kinds of advertising endorsements. maeya took many high fashion photos, unexpectedly she has the aura of a fashion supermodel, whether it is makeup style or feeling in front of the camera is very good. The white appearance is matched with her signature lip shape, which is set off by the extremely bright lip red, which forms a strong contrast and stark and unexpectedly has a sense of luxury.



Occasionally try heavy artistic makeup, the effect is also amazing. The rose-pink curly hair is matched with a black background, and match the black purple makeup with the Phalaenopsis on her head. The sharp body contrast makes her original dark complexion full of artistic sense.


Present in an exaggerated and wild European style makeup, which she can also easily hold. Even with the exaggerated crystal pearl necklace and the gold-red Instant noodle curly hairstyle that are easy to show a sense of cheapness, she can also turn it into a genuine queen style.



In the photos, she recently posted on social platforms, we find out that the dark skin she was mocked for is very suitable for bright colors such as orange. The tight-fitting square-neck dress is paired with pointed leopard-print high heels, casually leaning against the corner, posing in various shapes. Moreover, she also took off the wig that she had been wearing, and directly used the shaven-headed styling, she looked pretty good.



Someone once told maeya that you are famous and rich now, so you might consider taking a cosmetic surgery, but maeya refused and said that she was very satisfied with her current state, which was also her standard. Even if she still faced ridicule, she would not care anymore.



As she herself said,"We can't choose to be born, but we can choose what kind of person we become. Only by taking action can make our dreams become true." This mocked model finally lived the way she expected.

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