OCD Must Try - This Little Thing Makes Gift Wrapping Fun And Easy

By  montylian
Published on   Sep 21, 2022

Wrapping presents can be daunting, time wasting and annoying especially when it comes to cutting the wrapping paper. Usually, you would have made tons of wrong cuts before you finally got a fair one. Why waste your time struggling to wrap presents and still not get your desired result?


This gift wrap cutter will bring an end to your plight. It is a safe, efficient and easy way to cut wrapping paper. If you desire straight and neat wrap paper, this is the right tool to use.

The blade is hidden so that you won’t get injured by it. Aside from that, the round sleek design makes it easy for you to cut out a straight piece out of a large roll of wrapping paper. It is easy to use and gives you the smooth and safe cut you desire.



Reasons to Buy: 


◆ Fast

◆ A Safe method of cutting wrapping papers

◆ Makes straight and neat cuts

Reasons to Avoid:


◆ Blade cannot be replaced


User Review:


"This thing is easy to use once you know how. I read some reviews about the paper bunching up when people tried to use it, but as long as I held the end of the paper firmly enough when starting it, it worked fine for me - both cutting horizontally and vertically (until I got this, it didn't realize it also cuts vertically.) The paper I used was slightly thicker than some though, so not sure if that made the difference."


"The cutter looked simple to use on Shark Tank, but I found there’s a bit of a learning curve (of course, it could just be me). Once I figured it out, no problem. I had to return the first set because one of the cutters jaggedly tore the paper. At first I thought it was me, until I used the second cutter and realized it was the cutter. It does cut the paper like butter, but if the roll is too large you cannot place the cutter around the roll (I rolled out the length I needed and ran the cutter down the paper). It did get easier the more I used the cutters. Faster and neater than scissors, and since I have developed some arthritis in my wrists, less painful for me. I would buy again."

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