The Best Destinations To See The Aurora Polaris Lights

By  Lily
Published on   Sep 06, 2019

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Have you heard or read about the Northern Lights? Watching the northern lights swarm around the sky with their epitome beauty is on everyone’s bucket list. These lights occur when solar wind particles strike each other. People hope in admiration to see this natural and incredible phenomenon for a vacation destination around the time of the year when it happens mostly. If you want to check the info for travel destinations to see the Aurora Borealis you are at the right place.

The following are some of the amazing and perfect destinations to see the northern lights: 

1. Explore Norway:

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 Despite being located 300km north from the Arctic Circle, the Gulf Stream makes Tromso the best place in Norway to see the northern lights. You will still need to layer up and prepare for the chilliest weather to see these lights and their wonder. You can go on a polar cruise and catch your lunch in the morning, and at nights you can take a sledge ride or stroll around and cuddle the huskies to wait for the Aurora Borealis to come around as you are obviously in that place for the lights in the first place. An ideal time to visit would be between October and March.

2. Set sail in Iceland:

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 It’s unfair how gorgeous and amazing Iceland is! Like how can your country compete with glaciers, waterfalls and the northern lights as well? It is one of the completely accessible countries to view the northern lights and a perfect vacation spot. While you wait for it to get dark, you can go check out the thermal pools or take boat rides from Reykjavik harbour. If you stay on rather a dry piece of land, then go on the black sand beach to wait the sky lit up with its wonderful ray of lights. 

3. Take an icy dip in Finland: 

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Have you ever thought about swimming in an icy lake and watching the northern lights at the same time? Yes same here, but the crazier ones can take an insulated suit in Lapland. If you want to take a snowmobile ride and watch the lights whilst riding it, you can do that as well. It’s actually the best way to catch the show provided by Mother Nature in its best way possible. 

4. Discover Canada’s Wild West:

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 It can be difficult to decide where to see the northern lights in Canada. As there are countless options to see them while you enjoy other stuff going on as well. From Yukon in the west to Newfoundland in the east. One of the most popular destinations in the Whitehorse for light hunters. If the lights god forbids, do not occur, you can easily go and enjoy other wintery activities as there is a lot of other fun stuff to do as well. 


5. Marvel at the lights in Alaska:

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 It is a giant playground for nature lovers and Fairbanks, which is one of America’s largest cities is the place to see the northern lights. It is located in the Aurora Oval, which is the place where the lights have been mostly seen. Fairbanks is an established cold spot to see the lights, and if you are unlucky enough not to spot the lights, then you can visit the Arctic Ice Museum, as over there ice sculptures are lit up with the northern lights. Keep yourself warm at all costs and gain access to thermal and insulated suits and pools to see these lights in Fairbanks. Enjoy!

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