? 7 of the Spookiest Towns You Have to Visit This Halloween Season!

Published Oct 12, 2019

By  Lucy

Dearborn, Michigan

1NeONBRAND / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Usually there is a splendid scene that over 1,000 jack-o'-lanterns lit up fly in a night sky to celebrate Dearborn's "Halloween at Greenfield Village" event annually. However, there will be some fun over the day: A costumed Headless Horseman along with apple cider and doughnuts add to the amusement and spread pleasure to visitors of all different ages.


Sycamore, Illinois

2David Menidrey / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

What makes Sycamore, Illinois close to Halloween? Simply, it is just two carnivals, three craft shows, and a sprawling pumpkin display that let it be the place around Halloween. What’s more, the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival even involves a parade lasting for 90 minutes—perfectly suitable for the younger family members.


Croton-on-Hudson, New York

3Colton Sturgeon / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Among local people in Croton-on-Hudson, the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze as the biggest and greatest Halloween festival in this area. If you have any local friends, he will look at the photos taken from you about the event and tell you why.There are over 7,000 hand-carved jack-o'-lanterns, plus a synchronized soundtrack, which is fantastic and tremendous. There is no better thing than heading to the Hudson Valley during this season!


Charleston, South Carolina

4Grayson Savio / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Though there is the tiniest population in Charleston, the suggestion to spend Halloween there doesn’t aim at the tourist promotion. A fantastic place, containing hundred-year-old mansions, a costume contest, provides you a small town vibe. Feel yourself in this charming city through the autumnal touches.


Independence, Kansas

5Ehud Neuhaus / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Located in southeast Kansas, Independence is famous for its special “Neewollah”(Halloween spelled backward) festival. The celebration and “Homecoming”  last for 9 days, including various activities that everyone could join in, like parades, food festivals, carnivals, and more. There will be over 75,000 more visitors along with you for the largest annual event. So make sure whether your accommodations are well-prepared in advance!


St. Helens, Oregon

6Julia Raasch / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

This town may be recognized to be familiar with every Disney fan for many famous scenes in the iconic Disney movie Halloweentown taken from there. Apart from St. Helens' annual enormous pumpkin lighting, visitors can harvest the local fun by taking part in all the absorbing "Spirit of Halloweentown" Festival events. Just last year, the Halloweentown cast gathered again in the small town in honor of their late costar Debbie Reynolds.


Estes Park, Colorado

7Paige Cody / Via Unsplash / unsplash.com

Beside the mountain, this village is well-known as the historic Stanley Hotel, which became the inspiration behind Stephen King's chilling novel The Shining. Visitors can share the Halloween spirit if they are attending the horrible activity such as, the "Shining Ball" or a murder mysterious dinner scene that happened in a waste hotel. There is also much fun: on Halloween night, having skipped the door-to-door visits, everyone straight heads to Main Street for trick-or-treating in the community.