What Your Underwear Says About Your Personality

Published on   Oct 22, 2020

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Do your undies have something to do about your personality? According to Kate Nightingale from “Style Psychology”, undies have a mix of our emotions, memories, and self-esteem. That’s why each piece of clothing we wear says a lot about our personality. So next time you’re looking for your favorite bra, remember what it might reveal about you.

1. Thong

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If you wear a thong, you are very ambitious, motivated, and a wild girl. You like to embrace your sexuality and never let anyone stop you from getting what you want. You are very much comfortable with your body and like to give it extra care. Be careful though! People may feel a bit intimidated by you and your sexy leader persona.

2. Tanga

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If you are a Tanga wearer, you enjoy the beauty of simple and traditional life. You love old-fashioned life and that’s why you always feel you were born in the wrong decade. You have your all-time favorite bright shade of red lipstick that makes you feel you are in the 40s. Also, you think that all celebrities could be replaced by Old Hollywood starlets and leading men.

3. T-string / G-string

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String underwear always screams confidence. That is why if you like wearing T-string or G-string, you are confident and independent. You believe in yourself and show off your assets. You are very outspoken and presentable to everyone. You are loved by almost everyone and leave a great impression wherever you go. You also like being unique and are not afraid to be different from other people.

4. Bikini

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If you wear a bikini, it means you are a very moderate girl. You know how to balance your life perfectly. You are practical and are always ready for an adventure. You can be playful and sexy.

5. Boxers

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Wearing boxers means you’re a laid-back girl. You love cuddling and everyone thinks you are their wise best friend. You're good at budgeting but always lose track of time. That’s why you are always running late. Luckily, you have a great smile and positive energy, so your friends forgive you easily. Besides, you’re always loyal to them. When they need someone, you're the first one to offer support.

6. Briefs

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If you like wearing briefs, you are practical and calm. You don’t care what people think of you. You value your comfort. You are easy-going and friendly. But, you could get shy sometimes. And as you value comfort, you don’t like taking many risks.

7. High-waist granny’s panties

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If you wear granny panties, you are very comfortable with yourself. No matter what, you don't like being uncomfortable for the sake of fashion. You like to dress-up now and then but only if it’s a very comfortable and inexpensive one. You tend to splurge on other stuff though. As a friend, you’re quirky and trustworthy. But in romance, you are very choosy when it comes to men.

8. Underwear with text

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Liking underwear with text means you are free-spirited. You consider yourself forever young and ready to stand out. Friends hanging out with you think you are never boring. They often think of you as a "bubbly," "cute," and "adorable," which you pretend to be annoyed about but secretly like it. You have the same amount of energy as you did when you were 20 something. You like listening to the radio in your car. As a result, know at least half the lyrics of every Top 20 hit on the charts right now.

9. Strapless

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When it comes to bras, those who like strapless bras tend to be tremendously impulsive and always like to try new things. You see every day as a brand new day of adventure. You are always on the go and the minute you get an invitation, you immediately head out and hit the town.

10. Push-up

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If you opt to choose push-up bras, you like to be in control of your situation, which is expressed by how much cleavage they show. With your push-up bra, you make friends easily. You tend to be super-flirty, outgoing, and confident. You are not afraid to speak what’s on your mind, even when you cross the line.

11. Sports bra

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If you choose to wear a sports bra, you tend to be practical and less troubled with your look. You always think that comfort is the priority next to appearance. You always have a very long to-do list. You don’t want any inconvenience interfering with your life. You think comfort is the most important when dealing with your hectic schedule. That’s why you like to wear a bra that will keep everything firmly in place throughout the day.

12. Lace bra

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Choosing a lacy bra means you love maintaining a trendy and stylish outward appearance. You are ready for anything at all times and very open about almost everything. You don’t like conflict and you’re very friendly. That is why; guys tend to fall in love with you because you’re very open and sincere.

13. Multi-way

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Having a multi-way bra means you like to feel free. That’s why bras with convertible straps are perfect for people who don’t like to feel caged in. They often would prefer to keep their options open. You need to always have to control everything. This is perfect for women who like to change their minds often and make decisions on a whim.

14. Purple

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If you like purple undies, you are soft, vulnerable, and romantic. The color purple is traditionally associated with royalty. With this in mind, purple underwear means you are elegant and feminine. You like to always have a romantic appeal to everyone. However, this also means you have an expensive taste and like to treat yourself once in a while!

15. Blue

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Choosing blue underwear means you are very honest and cherish integrity. You like peace and have a lot of positive energy within you. You are very adventurous and a bit of a wild person.

16. Red

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Red is associated with being sexy, bold, and romantic. That is why if you are wearing a red underwear today, you are prepared to end up in someone’s bed. You’re passionate and brave. If you have a drawer full of red undies, you're more than likely sexually secured.

17. Pink

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Pink conjures innocence but with a bit of cheekiness underneath. If you are wearing pink underwear, you’re very feminine, gentle, and the romantic type. Those who choose pink underwear, you are most likely playful and open minded.

18. White

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White is the color of innocence and purity. Thus, if you're into wearing white undies, you're probably in touch with youth and freedom. You’re ready to learn something new and very open about it. You’re always ready to start a new chapter of your life and is always open to try new things

19. Black

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If you have a lot of black underwear, you are confident and assertive. You’re very elegant and powerful. You are also mysterious and aggressive at the same time. Black can also give off a sultry, almost seductive, vibe.

What you wear underneath usually says a little something about your personality. We tend to buy underwear based on what we like. But don’t forget you can always change something about yourself. So do not be afraid to explore and experiment the next time you go underwear shopping.




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