What These 10 Lip Shapes Reveal About Your Personality

Published on   Dec 17, 2020

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People tend to take note of the lips of other people, not just because of the words they're saying but also because they serve as a good indicator of our mood. But there is a field of study called physiognomy that goes further and tries to analyze the meaning behind facial features themselves. And according to those researchers, the shape of one's lips can give an insight into one's personality.

If you're looking to hire someone, this could give you an insight into the personality of the applicant and what position they would be good for before you start the interview. It's also a helpful tool to determine what you're walking into when you meet a group of new people socially or for work.

If accurate, it will elevate the term "lip reading" to another level!

1 - Large and puffy lips

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People with these types of lips tend to be caring. Females with these types of lips have natural maternal instincts. Most likely, as children, they were the ones who fed and cared for stray kittens and dogs.

They are also naturally protective and have the instinct of thinking of others' well-being first over their own. Not surprisingly, these people tend to make the best parents.

2 - Larger upper lip

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To put it simply, those people whose upper lips are bigger than their lower lips love being the center of attention. That means they'll do anything to get peoples' attention even if it involves creating a lot of real-life drama. But to be fair, they are also the ones who come up with the wittiest comments and funniest jokes.

3 - Larger lower lip

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People with larger lower lips are adventurous types. They know what they want and they pursue their fun lifestyle in the most energetic way possible. This enthusiasm can get infectious and they can easily drag their friends and family along for the ride. However, these are also the types of people not suited for desk jobs!

4 - Average lips

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In today's world where a lot of emphasis is put on standing out, being ordinary might seem like a bad thing. But don't let that deceive you because people with ordinary, average lips are well-balanced and have a lot of common sense. If you want someone you can depend on to get things done on time, this person is it.

5 - Thin lips

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People with thin lips are perfectly at home being by themselves. They don't need to have company to enjoy a trip to the park or even a holiday on the beach. This also lends itself to self-reliance and resiliency in handling problems. Despite that, they can enjoy being part of a group.

6 - Sharp philtrum on the upper lip

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These people work hard at self-expression and have the creativity to back it up. Not only do they exhibit talent in music and art, but they also have good memories when it comes to faces and names. They are also up-to-date on things that are happening around them.

7 - Rounded philtrum on the upper lip

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People with rounded philtrum are altruists who are not shy about expressing compassion. Easily hurt by the misfortunes of others, they can't help but offer a helping hand to those in need. They are the people who make people still have faith in humanity and honestly, the world could use more people like them!

8 - No philtrum on the upper lip

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If you need someone to complete a difficult task that needs to be done with a tight deadline, look for someone without a philtrum on their upper lip. These people are super dependable and are not daunted by the pressure of a tight deadline. In fact, in many ways, they revel in the pressure and look for ways to find solutions to difficult problems. They are creative problem-solvers who deliver as promised.

9 - Small and puffy lips

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People with these types of lips tend to be mischievous and often chase after comfort because it's one of the most important priorities in life. At first, you might think this is purely self-centered behavior but after getting to know them, you will discover that they are devoted and faithful friends, ready to render aid when asked. However, they know their own limits and will never act to the point of harming themselves. This is actually a helpful attitude to prevent over-commitment and avoid being taken advantage of.

10 - Thinner upper lip

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These people are natural leaders and find it very easy to convince others. Aside from being ideal salespeople, they also make good team leaders. They are very energetic and they stick to their principles making it easy to assign them to sensitive leadership positions. However, because of their frequently overarching drive to be someone rather than be with someone, they find it hard to maintain long-lasting romantic relationships. They are just as likely to go to a last-minute dinner meeting with the president of the company than show up at a planned romantic dinner!

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